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Classic Crush: Betsy Russell, ‘Private School’ Superbabe of the ’80s

May 20, 2014 | 12:18 pm

By Jeff Finkle

Betsy Russell may have a girl-next-door name, but for teenage boys growing up in the ‘80s, watching her change through a bedroom window only happened in your dreams — or on late night HBO/Skinemax. The plot of the 1983 teen sex comedy classic Private School revolved around the ribald adventures of an all-girls private school and the boys at a nearby academy who wanted to see them naked. Although there was a love story between Mathew Modine and Phoebe Cates, it was Betsy Russell’s sexy ingénue/mean girl Jordan Leigh-Jenson that the film relied on to get a rise out of hormone-filled young dudes.

Despite the goofiness of watching Mathew Modine wearing a dress, sweating profusely while lusting over Betsy’s bodacious body, the scene in which Jordan tricks him into giving her a massage is so hot (yet only slightly revealing), that it likely inspired the wet dreams for a many a junior high Gen X’er. You can watch that incredible scene — and one NSFW clip of her riding a horse — at the end of this post.

Betsy Russell went on to heat up the screen in numerous B-movies in the 1980’s like Tomboy, Avenging Angel, Cheerleader Camp and Delta Heat. If you were a fan of those flicks, you might have occasionally wondered what Betsy Russell looks like now. Well, to say that Russell has aged well is putting it mildly. She looks sexier than ever at 50, and actually made an acting comeback in 2007 by playing the ex-wife to the sociopath Jigsaw in Saw III and the subsequent Saw sequels. Check out these photos that show off the titillating appeal of Betsy Russell in the ‘80s and the age defying beauty of Russell today and you’ll agree that she is still someone you want to see more of.

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