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Classics Never Die


28 Responses to "Classics Never Die"

  1. Web Design Company says:

    Hows is that possible? How did you broke it?


    Web Design Company

  2. Z says:

    You’re all fucking retarded. That is all.

  3. dangitbobby says:

    ah dun broked-ed it with mah dick.

  4. OB269 says:

    bahahaha youre fuck now!!

  5. OB269 says:

    my bad..

  6. I Fix 360's says:


  7. Corneilous says:

    WTF ever!!! I had a Nintendo way back when and the fuckin’ piece of shit never worked!

    Now i’ve had a Xbox 360 for past 2 1/2 yrs that i haven’t had a single solitary problem with!

    Eat shit and die whoever posted this!

  8. Someone says:

    Just wait till the ps3 boys hear about this.

  9. PS3Fanboi says:


  10. philosopher says:

    they just don’t make things, the way they used to

  11. Runswithknives says:

    Do you think he’s really this stupid or does he do it on purpose just to get at people.

    I’m gunna pretend the later because if it’s true this guy is and motha fuckin’ genius!

  12. neueste about says:

    ‘k, jeremiah – please have philosopher take his fist out of your asshole. philosopher is a fucking gay-ass retarded diarrhea puddle. failblog should have a separate section just for his posts.

  13. jeremiah says:

    wow, calm down you fag.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Jesus fucking TITS, you cried and screamed like a fucking 2-year old with a full diaper just so you can post completely and unnecessary shit like THAT?!!?

    Oh well. I guess you’re still putting more thought into your posts than you are at finding a job or interacting with live human females.

  15. philosoraptor says:

    like, punctuation

  16. wow says:

    Nice spelling there, “mr. grown-up”..

    If I where to bet, I would grade you C-, and call your mom to come and get you to pick you up from the School ‘o Fags.

  17. your daddy says:

    I think you all stupid shitass kids…d_delauder@hotmail.com
    Grow up morons

  18. emmm? says:

    4/4 equals video not plugged in,
    3/4 equals general component failure, aka, send it to M$ or fix it temp with mr. towlie.

  19. 360fanboi says:

    Yea thats the red rings of death, gotta send it back to Microsoft

  20. GutZ says:

    Yea, you’re right.

  21. noleafcl0ver says:

    yeah, you’re wrong.

  22. adofijal says:

    i’m pretty sure that when only 3/4 of the ring of death appears, it just means the video component isn’t plugged in to a tv or something.

  23. Anonymous 2.5 says:

    When mine flashed three rings i got mad and hit it, then it went back to normal.

  24. queeftard says:
  25. zing
  • Lesley Manbian says:

    umm and? You HT boys had a big weekend?

  • Nice Story Bro says:


  • fourteenlines says:

    That is what the ‘Reset’ button is for.

  • Nico says:

    People need to stop hating philosopher. At least he’s honest, unlike many of you.