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Comic Book Fans: Then And Now

Comic Book Fans Then:

Comic Book Fans Now:

12 Responses to "Comic Book Fans: Then And Now"

  1. jerkster says:

    I like the “draft-dodging hippies” because they stopped the vietnam war, de-segregated the country, got women into the workplace and wearing pants, smoked mild weed, laughed a lot, loved children, said sex was not a sin, and danced naked a lot. When they started turning into 1980′s corporate whores I liked them less, but I digress. My point is, I do not prefer the morality of the 1950′s to those of the 1960′s and I think you and your tight-assed authority-worshipping pro-war anti-pleasure morality is what has caused a lot of the problems of today.

    that being said, both of those guys in the superman letter section were angry loners who fantasize being a iron-muscled flying man who – even in their best fantasy! – hides from women. Both guys are suckbags, but the second one was at least kind of funny, the imagery was better, but the sentiment was identical. In other words, repressed jerks exist in every generation.

  2. natalie says:

    man, lois is an attention grubbing bitch. “clarkkunt” knows what he’s talkin about ;)

  3. Greg says:

    jerkster made himself look as dumb as tyler. his whole second paragraph is just stereotyping a group of people who consume a particular type of medium. one of you spits poorly thought out right-wing day dreams, the other militant leftist garbage about how being liberal saves the world. in a comment section about something totally unrelated to politics, at that. i’m getting really tired of seeing this crap everywhere, i mean come on. for chrissakes, how am i suppose to agree with someone’s politics if they think “epic girlfail” is imagery? there IS NO imagery in either letter. jesus.

  4. That seriously looks like it was ripped from Newsarama. I know it wasn’t, but that’s pretty scary how accurate this is.

  5. Tyler says:

    This is the fault of the liberal media.

    They screamed for so many years against censorship…..(probably because they saw Howard Stern, etc. get such high ratings…aka more money [I guess they are Republicans at heart....just not honest about it])………now every publication (especially the internet) posts this horrible language.

    People are now exposed to it, don’t reject it (thereby condoning it) and now it has become the norm among impressionable young people.

    The liberals are screwing the country, just as their hippie draft-dodging parents did before them.

    Do yourself a favor America, discipline your children….talk with them instead of watching TV with them….have the courage to raise our country’s next generation properly….it isn’t too late.

    Ignore the whining of Bill Mahr, or that guy who did the “Bowling for Columbine”, etc……raise your child how you want to.

    If you want your child to act just like you….raise them just like you were raised.
    If you want your child to act worse than you….discipline them less and ignore them more than you were by your parents.
    If you want your child to act better, be more successful, etc……be a better parent than your parent was.

    Don’t rely on America, Sesame Street, public school teachers, and pop tarts to do it for you.

    You can do it America……just because your parent’s generation dropped the ball….doesn’t mean the next one will.

    Remember we can improve…..cavemen probably weren’t great parents…but each generation improved from there.

    Well, this generation can improve too….it’s not hard….it isn’t work….just turn off the TV, and sit outside under the stars with your children.

    You can do it…..if cavemen can do it, you can too.

  6. Dom says:

    Tyler, talk about looking too much into things. Go smoke a bowl and chill out.

  7. Woody says:

    I didn’t even read Tyler’s post… it looks long and complainy though.

  8. Pratik says:

    I just think Superman sucks in general. Invincible dude flies around in a modified ski suit and punches stuff with minimal thinking/plot. Wow, that’s so cool. I’d rather watch backyard wrestling if I wanted to see that.

    And how did Tyler (try to) tie this into parental responsibility? There’s nothing in the article about censorship at all. Please be relevant, Tyler.

  9. Wilford Brimley says:

    Yeah, fuck free speech.

  10. themass says:

    Tyler sounds like a typical republican homophobe whom happens to be gay

  11. Caveman says:

    That’s it…I’m leaving. Comment section’s worse than Geico!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Tyler u r weird. Chill.