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Congratulations, But You’re Still Shitting Your Pants Right Now.


34 Responses to "Congratulations, But You’re Still Shitting Your Pants Right Now."

  1. kccommentator says:

    sweet socks dude!

  2. farrrrt says:

    what you cant see is the dildo attachment

  3. Mmmm says:

    why strap your legs to the bowl??
    thats…..thats torcher!

  4. cpt.obvious says:

    That’s not torture, that’s how you get answers that save lives. Besides, look at the kid, he knows something.

  5. cpt.obvious says:

    That’s the Halliburton Deuce-tastic 500, the first toilet to simulate poop drowning using a patented process known as Flushing (c).

    Raping is an optional feature on this model but it requires the additional purchase of an arbitration agreement to enable it.

  6. Token White Guy says:

    WTF?!? Forcing your kids to poop? My god.

  7. cpt.obvious says:

    That’s called good parenting.

  8. Shrekken says:

    …and that’s called the best response I’ve ever seen on this website. Well done, sir.

  9. cpt.obvious says:

    The tray is there to hold the remote for the plasma screen (not pictured).

  10. office jerk says:

    if you’re telling me you’ve never been so late for work you had to take a shit and eat your cheerios at the same time you’re either 14, or still living unemployed in your parent’s basement.

  11. snarfy says:

    OK, I can see why he isn’t modeling naked (that would offend the discerning kiddie porn fans), I can overlook the piss cup and the straps (barely), but why the fuck is there a tray on the thing? Is the intent to keep the child there 24-7?
    I think they should make an adult-sized version and call it the Pervo-tronic.

  12. cpt.obvious says:

    You can’t say retarded any more, the world is too politically correct. The proper terminology nowadays is fuck-tarded.

    I’ll use it in a sentence so everything understands. “That kid, the one in the picture above strapped to the wickedly awesome toilet seat to contain his incredible fuck-tarded strength, he’s fuck-tarded.”

    Oh, the times, they are a changing.

  13. Olala says:

    You guys are bastards, that kid is retarded.

  14. MrKillson says:

    The real assholes are the parents for not aborting.

  15. office jerk says:

    hehe. my wife is a school psychologist. she says it’s really hard to tell parents their kid is mentally retarded, a completely legitimate term, they see it as her insulting them.

  16. Stick says:

    You’re retarded if you’re retarded. That’s a PC term I never agreed with.

  17. Doug Simpson says:

    So you are saying its OK to strap him to the toliet?

  18. pale whit guy says:

    if we are bastards, then you are an asshole for calling the kid a retard, instead of mentaly handicaped…ASSHOLE

  19. Too Funny says:

    yall are all wrong for calling him a retard it is pronounced RA-tard.

  20. Bill Bradley says:

    shit. he controls the southern hemisphere? shit…

  21. Hey, wait... says:

    Is that Stephen Hawking’s baby picture?

  22. Kent says:

    No they wouldnt need to strap him in if it was Steven Hawkings

  23. cpt.obvious says:

    Fuck the toilets, all they every do is take, take, take

  24. DamnCali says:

    screw the kid, what about the poor suffocated toilet.

  25. pale whit guy says:

    dosnt that kid look like bat boy from those fake newspapers

  26. Oz says:

    that face is going to haunt me

  27. Bweezy says:

    Mutha fucken Bat Boy!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Holy crap he does!

  28. aPlateOfGrapes says:

    You mean the New York Times?

  29. slimesbro says:

    it would make a nice splash back

  30. cpt.obvious says:

    I wonder if it would whistle on the way down…

  31. Oz says:


  32. cpt.obvious says:

    Look at that expression too, he knows it.

    (On a side note I’m secretly jealous…look at the height he’s getting! That’s like dropping a deuce off the side of a 3-story building)

  33. cpt.obvious says:

    All that preparation and he’s still going to shit his pants. They forgot to pull them down.

  34. DonkeyXote says:

    Foot sandwich!