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“Pot Burger” Cop Demands Justice, Giggles

This cop is crying because some punk kids at a fast food restaurant fed him and his partner a pot-laced burger and basically got away with it because the judge was clearly a pot smoker himself (have you ever seen a judge with hair like that?) Anyway, here’s how I imagine the cop’s post-burger conversation went as they were driving around in the squad car.

Cop #1: Oh man…could you imagine, like…jail?

Cop #2: You mean, like, being in jail?

Cop #1: Yeah. Jail.

Cop #2: Oh man, no, no, no way man. That would be craazzy. Do you, like, feel OK?

Cop #1: Man, I feel fiiiiiiiiine. I haven’t felt this good since I was, like, 16.

Cop #2: Me too, man. Hey, we should go back and get some more of those burgers. They were tast-to the motherfuckin’-eee.

Cop #1: I’m so high right now. Let’s run some red lights and beat up some homeless dudes.

Cop #2: What did you say?

Cop #1: Uhhh…I can’t remember. Let me see….something about…I’m so high right now and…I wanna beat up some homeless dudes?

Cop #2: Dude! I’m high too!

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11 Responses to "“Pot Burger” Cop Demands Justice, Giggles"

  1. PDK says:

    uhh how do you not notice a nice bud sitting on your burger patty? unless they made hash butter or something

  2. brent says:

    i can’t believe they laced our burgers with pot — cop
    (2 hours later the cops steamrolls a rail off of a strippers ass)

  3. cocky online identity says:

    The question isn’t whether those burger punks deserved a stiffer sentence, the real question is: did this cop need another burger?

  4. Anonymous says:

    They would have had to eat a trashcan full of pot burgers for them to die by the sticky spatula of “Knuckles”. By what time did they realize their burgers tasted funny?

  5. jerry says:

    score one for the home team.

  6. Chris says:

    HOLY SHIT. Is it just me, or is there a sesame seed face on that burger to the right of the news anchor?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Yes Chris, there is a sesame seed face on that bun. Cops should not be in a Burger King while on duty anyway…especially that fat fuck.

  8. andrewbullen says:

    jesus christ. its pot. its not like they laced your burger with crystal meth… im glad i live in canada where the weed laws are lax…decriminalized cheahhh

  9. Pig Fucker says:

    Holy shit dude it is a face it is dave thomas come back to fuck us all in the ass!!!!!

  10. Dougie Fresh says:

    I’m amazed that guy is able to hoola hoop his way into uniform without blinding his wife with a flying button.

    Forget the reefer. Those kids should be strung up for feeding that potbellied piggy a saturated-fat drenched Whopper. He’s one funion shy of a coronary.

  11. Ben says:

    That judge was so stoned when he was trying to determine a sentence of them that he completely forgot what they did.

    Someone should keep the pot burgers away from that judge.