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Courtney Loves Needs You To Clean Her House

A few months ago I got a special pass at the San Diego Zoo, that grants you access to this behind the scenes tour. On the tour we stopped at the monkey cages, right as two dudes with cleaning supplies were outside two different monkey cages, about to go in and clean the cages they sat in front of. The monkeys in both cages were pretty quiet, and then all of a sudden a monkey in one of the cages stood in the center of his cage, stared right at the dude outside his cage with the cleaning supplies, and started flinging shit out of his hand as he spun around in a circle like a sprinkler. I bring this up because I imagine it’s a similar experience to be the cleaning person for Courtney Love. And by the way, she’s hiring , according to a post she left on her myspace blog.

“Is anyone insanely clean neatfreak near malibu? I need a non thieving non freaky housekeeper.”

If Courtney Love’s house is half as disgusting as Courtney Love, the only way I could justify cleaning it is if I was in an eighties movie and it was part of a montage where me and some friends were forced to clean it before our parents came home or something.

I like that she said she wanted a non freaky looking person, and just to the left of her post is a drawing of her naked with stars over her titties. She wants a non-thieving, non freaky looking person, meaning her last housekeeper was a thieving, freaky looking person?

4 Responses to "Courtney Loves Needs You To Clean Her House"

  1. Jay T. says:

    Sadly for Courtney, a house keeper in the Malibu area just posted on Craigslist…

    “Looking for work. I’m an insanely clean neat-freak and will work for any celebrity who isn’t completely insane (basically anyone but Courtney Love).”

  2. Joe says:

    Hellooooo Mommy!!!!!

    Shit!!! I meant to post that in the story below about Charisma Carpenter.

    I must go scrape my skin off with a brillo pad now…

  3. Pratik says:

    There’s a chickipedia page for Courtney Love? Might as well have one for Janet Reno while they’re at it.

    And also… should I post Nirvana lyrics on her blog with a picture of a shotgun? Just a thought.

  4. sdrastabean says:

    she killed kurt!