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Creepy Or Sexy?: Victoria Beckham

Sometimes I look at her and I think she looks like those evil robots from that part in Terminator 2 when they flash forward to show the apocalyptic earth in 2037 where machines rule.  But then sometimes I see her and I think she looks like a stripper with two good years left.  Either way, I’m strangely turned on.

Now, before you decide, I’m not asking you whether or not you’d have sex with her.  We’ve all probably had sex with someone we’d describe as “creepy,” or “unattractive,” or “a person with male genitalia.”  I’m just asking you, when it’s all said and done, is she creepy or sexy?

28 Responses to "Creepy Or Sexy?: Victoria Beckham"

  1. Bizzle says:


  2. Kal9000 says:

    Creepy creepy creepy.
    A few drinks and she could seem a little less creepy.

  3. Thrush says:

    Creepy … wouldnt hit it with your dick.

  4. H-luvin says:

    Do this. Look at her face and think Michael Jackson……see the resemblance? Creepy

  5. Evan P. says:

    Oh, MJ…changed my mind, creepy.

  6. Blake Williams says:

    i’d hit the gloves

  7. Buddy Ice says:

    Totally sexy, I’ve got a thing for Victoria Spice, and I call it my pee-pee.

  8. R.J. says:

    Sexy, I’m sure she could take it like a champ.

  9. T...J says:

    Well, the problem is: You just can do her, while she hangs over the bowl getting the extra proteins you injecting out of her system asap.

  10. Dave-J says:

    Definitely SEXY! and a little bit creepy but in a sexy way!

  11. D-Dubbs says:

    SO HOT!! Turn that bitch to the side and check out that sweet ass

  12. Gross like 2girls1cup says:

    She is so disgusting! I don’t know who made anorexic looking chicks hot or how they convinced everyone else that it’s sexy but she’s sick in every way. She needs a head reduction procedure, a de-pumpkining of that ripe melon sitting on her shoulders! She also needs a sandwich asap!!! Disgusting!! I like a woman to look like a woman! Curves and personality! Not like a f#$king skeleton with balloon boobs and an inflatable head! THRILLER 2008! She’s gross all day! HA!

  13. dave says:

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  14. Fabulous says:

    victoria beckham is the ugliest woman i know. can’t someone dicontaminate her?

  15. Matty D says:

    If she put on a few pounds then sexy. Most pictures I see of here she is bordering on sporting the newest refugee status look.

  16. Gimpy says:

    It’s a close call, but sexy. Matty’s right, needs a steak or two.

  17. Ravanos says:

    I’m gonna go with, sexy.

  18. Jason says:

    Well I see most people here have been stocking up on their haterade.

  19. Using that word...still?!??! says:

    The only thing that is creepier and more disturbing than women like her are people that use the word “haterade!” What are you 12? Why do people think that’s funny? Anyway, I don’t see anyone “hating” her, I see people giving their opinion on whether she’s hot or not. I personally don’t think she’s attractive at all. To each his own. That’s why it’s an OPINION!

  20. Sir Fatty says:

    “a person with male genitals”

    Haha! you’ve done it again!

  21. Timma! says:

    Creepy and Sexy, especially in that pic.

    The horny school girl attire is kinda sexy, the leather elbow gloves(wtf?) are creepy.

    5 brews and I’d give it a go.

  22. Kasper says:

    creepy. Very Creepy.

  23. Evan P. says:

    Sexy, without the high-waisted skirt and the leather gloves.

  24. RawRaw says:

    I’d have to say shes good to go..

    add water to that white blouse= very sexy

  25. JorJor says:

    Creeeeeeeeeeepy. Skeletorishly, mannequinistically creepy.
    The answer to the old question, “Would it kill you to smile?” looks like “Yes” in her case. Yeeks.

  26. Isaac says:

    She’s looks like a fembot for sure…something straight from Austin Powers

  27. Josh says:

    sexy for sure. at least sexier than the other girls you’ve put up here. the olson twigs, Christina Ricci. now they were creepy.

  28. LivingTheDream says:

    Creepy…..do-able, but creepy