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Bad News Crossword Puzzles

There are some things in life that are just too hard to say to someone’s face, but Crossword Puzzles are a great way to get your point across.  These crossword puzzles are a fun activity, and putting the answers in numerical order will get deliver the message clearly.  We’ve also included the answers to our puzzles (at the bottom), in case you get stuck.

Answer Keys:
Letting Her Down Easy            You’re Fired                     About Last Night
     Friendly Advice       I Have Some Bad News            If You Go Brain Dead

9 Responses to "Bad News Crossword Puzzles"

  1. philosopher. says:


  2. Cousin Eddie says:

    You serious, Clark?

  3. C.W. Griswold says:

    30 John Mark Karrs agree this wasn’t funny.

  4. shernell davis says:

    hi my name is shernell davis
    boy frien,

  5. shernell davis says:

    hi my name is shernelldavis

  6. Aunt Edna says:

    Grace Died 30 years ago

  7. p3do bare says:

    Fail at About Last Night, it says “A” when the answer says “I”, they got the easiest one wrong.

  8. justin says:
    Fixed it.  Thanks.
  9. peoria leninism says: