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The Crowd Was Underwhelmed by the Crotch Jetpacks


7 Responses to "The Crowd Was Underwhelmed by the Crotch Jetpacks"

  1. Bridie says:

    haha yeh me 2 mate!

  2. Baal says:

    I think the boy in the upper right corner is the puppet master!

  3. nippleage says:

    woooooooo cricket!

  4. Limpy,,,, a.k.a. Todd says:

    werd… 1st

  5. Doutzen Krutzen Please! says:

    Can I get a slurpy lick of your limp noodle? I’ll noodle your backdoor if ya want WINK WINK NUDGE NUDGE

  6. Bill Clinton says:

    I wanna sniff that fat kid’s underwear and burp the whiff into one of those levitating chicks’ butt.

  7. Betting Freddy says:

    Looks like the fat one threw up a little in his mouth. I’m betting the chicks dicks have fallen out.