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Damaris Lewis Pictures

Where You’ve Seen Her: Damaris Lewis is another really hot Sports Illustrated Model from this year. Originally a dancer from Brooklyn, I wonder how she feels having a woman with the name of where she was from beating her to the front page of this years issue.
Pointless Quote: "All I could think about was that a girl from Brooklyn was going to be in Sports Illustrated."


28 Responses to "Damaris Lewis Pictures"

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  3. DonkeyXote(C) K. Philosopher Schrute says:

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  12. Shane says:

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  13. DonkeyXoteâ„¢ says:

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  14. Ben Affleck says:

    Hey! No racist shit on here!
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  15. cough/cool says:

    no its not the first black chick on HT look at the photos form yesterday

  16. Tiger Woods says:

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  17. Shane says:

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  18. DonkeyXote says:

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  20. Bigboner says:

    Brooklyn makes me go hard

  21. pratik says:

    The burro thumbnail made the inside of my pants feel funny.

  22. Frankie Boyle says:

    She looks like she is running (like a mentally retarded Dwarf) away from the KKK in the last pic.

  23. Jess MEyers says:

    Yum, Chocolate. I like it.


  24. FunkyMunkey says:

    By every picture, do you mean 3 of the pictures?

  25. ralphy says:

    she obviously has some saggy tits, why do think every picture her arms are above her head to make her breast look less saggy. I’d still bone her though, with a rubber of course.

  26. Wigger says:

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  27. John Mayer's Penis says:


  28. Dr. Pepper says:

    Girl has a hot ass.

    Signed, Eeyore