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Dara Torres

Age: 41

Where you’ve seen her: Dara Torres, who has appeared in Maxim, has won four Olympic gold medals (nine total medals) for swimming faster than other women from other countries. She just qualified for the 2008 Olympics at the tender age of 41.

MILF status: Dara won the gold medal of pushing infants out of her genitals in the 2006 vagina Olympics when she gave birth to Tessa Grace.

22 Responses to "Dara Torres"

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  2. nana2justin says:

    Dara Torres…..banging body!!! Haters,,,,just wish you could look like her.

  3. Keane says:

    I can not believe the comments on here. She is an amazing woman beating the odds through passion and desire.

  4. Human says:

    No the hate-monger, demon-spawn is mad because she loves the kosher meat.

    Fact: In the mid-1990s, Dara married and subsequently divorced sports producer Jeff Gowen. Her second husband was Israeli surgeon Iza Shasha.

    Her father, Edward Torres, was Jewish, and Torres herself converted to Judaism before marrying her second husband.[4] In 2005, she was inducted into the International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame. She resides in Parkland, Florida.[citation needed]

    Torres and her partner, David Hoffman, have a daughter named Tessa Grace, born in April 2006.

  5. bg_shooter says:

    i challenge anyone to name or show another 41 year old hottie, with AS TIGHT of body as Dara…….. aint out there boyzzzz

  6. chad says:

    The only thing better than Dara’s body is her accomplishments. What dedication.

  7. Tee says:

    WOW!!! What an inspiration to us women of all ages

  8. DanChow says:

    As a 40yr old guy who competes with guys half my age, I’m with Jason Kidd when I say she’s an inspiration. It does not hurt that she’s eye-candy too.lol

  9. Attila says:

    Everyone who is competing on a professional level uses drugs. From steroids to other anabolical stuffs. It depends how much money they have. It is a fact there is no way braking world records in every single year without using something. She is 41 then it is even more likely that she uses something. A lot of athletes use EPO and other anabolical hormones that our body generates anyway in smaller amount. It is very difficult to detect those elements for the same reason. I just read an interview with a Mexican guy who used to be the biggest expert in the supject. He was the dealer of the American athletes. He was even supplying Jamaican and other athletes mainly from Mexico and the caribbeans. Now that most of t he American runners are busted is it a surprise that most of the running competitions are won by Jamaican athletes. Even though you are one of the greatests but you get injured sponsors like Nike and Adidas more likely deduct 20-50% from your salary. Everybody expect them to win every single event. It wouldn’t be possible. They are not machines. They are great athletes but they need something to stay in the best possible shape over a long period of time.

  10. mike says:

    what is everyone’s problem? she is an amazing woman, person, human. and so what if she likes black men I suppose those who object will not be voting for Obama just stick with the same old washington men. this is 2008 its TIME FOR A CHANGE

  11. Anonymous says:

    What ethnicity was her father?

  12. sheldon says:

    So here we are a few days past her last win and no positive tests for doping. How does that fit in with all of the other comments I have read, misspellings and all? (“braking?” You probably meant “BREAKING” right and didn’t manage to hit the “e” key?) Is it really that difficult to think that somone can dedicated tha much time and training to be good at what they do? Who gives a fu*k about who she sleeps with? What about her skills in the pool? 2 silvers? I am pretty sure there are people posting derogatory comments on this page about her using performance enhancing drugs that couldn’t win a silver medal in swimming if they had a ski boat pulling them.

    Just sayin’…

  13. Keeblerkahn says:

    She has a better body than most of the female swimmers who competed at the Olympic Trials. I know it takes a lot of muscle to do what they do, but a lot of those girls looked like they worked at a stock yard or had just come from lifting weights in the yard at Sing Sing.

  14. TRO says:

    Her toes are ten inches long – no wonder she can swim well

  15. BigPapa says:

    Steroids much?

  16. Anti Racial mix says:

    Problem is she likes the dark meat, concequently, what she has done is turned her back on her race.

  17. TRO says:

    Maybe if your white meat was better ? I’m just saying . . .

  18. Vinnie says:

    it sucks to see so much hate against this woman. she’s got an amazing body, and she works extremely hard and devotes a lot of time to training to compete as well as she does. wtf difference does it make who she sleeps with?

  19. friendo says:

    Nobody should care what color her husband is. You weak minded putz

    All the alarms are going of though that she is more than natural. Hard work and vitimans blah blah blah. How obviouse do ya have to get. She’s 41 and in the best shape of her life and the best shape in the world at her sport. Armstrong, Landis, Clemins ,Marion jones, Bonds, Canseco, east german athletes of the 70-80′s ect were so obviouse in retrospect. Don’t go believing this amazing story with your eyes wide shut. She’s a great athlete but lets just be real she is performing so well because of some acheivement in the lab.

  20. Me says:

    First, she’s not married. Done it twice, that was enough for her. I don’t know, or care, what race her first was; her second was Jewish. Her current significant other and father to her little girl, is not black! He was in the stands w/ her family last week. He’s a doctor, too. Second, no steroids. She approached the USO drug testing personnel and is voluntarily being UA’d and having blood drawn more than other athletics so that she can not be accused of using ‘roids. She is using a very unconventional training system using stretching and no free weights. She rocks!

  21. nick says:

    Yup, she is clean guys sorry about it. It’s to bad today when someone is in shape and looks strong people first think they have to be on roids. Normaly it’s because they are to lazy to get out from in front of the computer and better them selves.