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Dawson Reacts To Photos of Snooki: A Van Der Memes Experiment

Recently, loathed has-been James Van Der Beek, erstwhile Dawson of Dawson’s Creek, accepted that he had become a meme on the internet and, moreover, embraced it.  The result was pretty awesome and can be seen over at the James Van Der Memes website.  With all these new potential memes to exploit, it seemed like we needed to find a way to jam them all into one place to see if they would really be functional, but how?  What could possibly require the full gamut of Van Der Beek over-emoting?  What would merit so much sarcasm?  The answer, clearly, was Jersey Shore, the only thing on earth more forced and contrived than intentionally marketing your own brand of memes.  Behold!


snooki ass


snooki dancing


mila kunis snooki


snooki making out


snooki punched out

5 Responses to "Dawson Reacts To Photos of Snooki: A Van Der Memes Experiment"

  1. DonkeyXote says:

    I bet Snooki’s cooch resembles a clown’s pocket.

    Do take a moment to picture that…

  2. RonPonder says:


  3. ToyMachine says:

    5 is hilarious. lol…gifs…

  4. Clayton Bigsby says:

    Wow, HT actually posting something funny! Happy New Year HT!