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Dead Celebrity Cupcakes


14 Responses to "Dead Celebrity Cupcakes"

  1. gotta be says:

    FIRST!!!!! hahahahahhahaaaaaaa

  2. Anonymous1 says:


  3. Anonymous123 says:

    what is the big deal of being the first comment

  4. Philosopher Part 2: Bigger and Blacker says:

    NEWB. Someone PWN this guy.

  5. Philosopher Part 2: Bigger and Blacker says:

    I take that back, he isnt a newb. I’m just jealous beacuse I like to suck cock in truck stop bathrooms, but Anonymous1 and Anonymous 123 are better at it than I am. I usually take it in the bung hole from both of them after we go home to our cardboard refrigerator box under the overpass that we live in. Peace out Bitches!!!!!!

  6. Emperor Crimeboss says:

    I’m not comfortable with Michael Jackson’s cupcake being so close to Jett Travolta’s.

  7. ebay un- says:

    so very, very wrong … yet i lol’d

  8. Maestro Of The Deadly Symphony says:

    good riddance to them all!

  9. marlowe cent says:

    here’s hoping you’re next, assclown.

  10. Topless says:

    travoltas son wasnt a celeberity

  11. oz says:

    Bea Arthur cupcake, I want to heat you up just a little and then stick my cock in you whilst Farrah Fawcett cupcake and Eunice Shriver cupcake lez out each other on a tablecloth. Fuck that is hot.

    You want some icing Bea? Yeah ok Bea you hot mamma, I’ve got some for you babe.

  12. Iheartcupcakes says:

    Bluh–Where’s David Eddings? He died this year, too…

  13. Gurglepuck111 says:

    Hey the year aint over yet.

  14. BrutalDeluxe says:

    And where’s Steve McNair? Stupid incomplete death cupcake set.