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Denise Milani

Where You’ve Seen Her: Denise Milani’s known for how ridiculously huge her real boobs are (yes, they’re real).  Upon moving to the United States from the Czech Republic, she’s modeled for numerous magazines and is said to be ‘The New Queen of Eroticism’.
Pointless Quote: "…I love making videos, and if you have seen some of them, you have to agree with me."
See where Denise ranks in AskMen’s 2009 top 99!
See the rest of her photos after the jump!


71 Responses to "Denise Milani"

  1. Voltara says:

    Wonderful, as for a long time I have been interested in this young woman’s opinion on world affairs and the financial crisis. The fact she is a topless model only enhances her credibility

  2. Anonymous says:

    A couple hundred more photos of Denise :

    They’re real, and they’re spectacular!

  3. Honey Glazing says:

    I’d tittie-fuck that bitch till her chest caved in with those big ol’ milkers…

  4. Anonymous says:

    Best tits EVER! Also I have yet to see her in a nude shot. Thats probably half the attraction though, for me at least.

  5. Superman says:

    muzta babes, kanusa ta maka concepcion haroon akoang lawas makig sagol sa emong jeans…ahahahahah

  6. Anonymous says:

    Denise is so damn sexy, if anyone wants to see an interview with Denise Milani check this site out. Or just head on over to see more Denise Milani pics.

  7. Denise Milani Hot says:

    You may also interested in Denise Milani Hot undress pictures found no where

  8. thefinch says:

    Her tits look as if Jesus Christ himself made love to a big breasted unicorn and she was their offspring.

  9. Anonymous says:

    shit that’s a great tittie fvck right there.

  10. dane says:

    that girl is going to have some back issues later on in life…I will have wrist issues right now though…

  11. Anonymous says:

    YAWN. Wake me up when she actually shows her shit.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I clicked the link and… jizz in my pants (TM)

  13. www.bonethefish.com says:

    Is she in porn yet?

  14. Anonymous says:

    You guys are just freakin creepy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Sucky-Sucky says:

    I’d beg this woman to my my wet nurse.

  16. The Most Dangerous Game of Grab Ass says:

    Being a self-proclaimed boobologist, I take offense to J’s question.

    While she is certainly a scorching hot piece of ace, I gotta agree with Jenipurr and Tom. Real boobs don’t do this:


  17. well that’s wow really huge boobs she got

  18. Anonymous says:

    What is the hangup with real vs. fake? Look at those things… if they are fake then her plastic surgeon deserves a nobel prize.

  19. Anonymoosex says:

    mmmm uber udders.

    PS. They are bonafide. And the answer to your riddle about boobs defying gravity… hmmm, let’s give it a think, shall we? She only wears BRAS or BIKINI TOPS… what??? Huhh???

  20. hari sugandha says:

    nice face n body

  21. Anonymous says:


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    One of the hottest girls online!

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  24. Anonymous says:

    you love

    hello see ok

    hi si oof no

    msm hoo bt

  25. Anonymous says:

    See, here’s the dilemma with Ms. Milani. The “before” picture of her clearly shows probably D or DD cup breasts, definitely nothing to sneeze at! But, she obviously wasn’t getting much exposure and therefore not maximizing her “assets.” The “new and improved” Denise is melting monitors all over the world but perpetuating the myth that they’re real. The fact that she had plenty to start with probably has something to do with the illusion. In the end though, she’s just a fantasy on your screen, so believe whatever you want.

  26. Anonymous says:

    LOL! Nice. If ever there was a chick to make that song true, it’s Denise

  27. Mike19870 says:

    Lovely, I think that I am in love, really.
    Mike – the wood log splitter dude.

  28. D says:

    lol I thought that most people just wanted to see her nude, but you my friend are into some kinky stuff.

  29. Dr. says:

    Amen to that. She’s like a boob angel sent from the heavens. But it’s such a shame she won’t go topless.

  30. B-man says:

    Gotta agree with Dom. While there maybe photos of her I haven’t seen there aren’t any I wouldn’t want to see. Damn!

  31. Anonymous says:

    They’re real all right….REAL FAKE!!! Just go to sportsbybrooks.com and search her pics…she has some pics there before she got the implants. Don’t get me wrong…she had a nice rack before the alteration..and the after pics are amazing. But don’t try to convince me they are real… its insulting to any boob lover.

  32. Reneo says:

    Oh, man… Don’t you think it would be rude not to jerk off in front of such beautiful pics ?

  33. Sexy Biatch says:

    Those are the greatest breasts I’ve ever seen. But these Beautiful Boobies cum a close second

  34. J says:

    Real…Fake….does anyone really care?

  35. Jenipurrr says:

    Um yeah….no…these are not real. LOL I applaud your need to THINK they are real…but no. She has fake ta tas. I’m not some freak ass woman jealous of her mounds of boob flesh. I have huge breasties myself…and yeah…hers are NOT real. Real watermelon breasts dont stay quite so…how do I say…round and defiant of gravity? I dont care how young you are…the heavier a tit is, the more its going to hang lower..NOT sag. There is a difference.

  36. gycaps says:

    would you please send me your portfolio, lets met the tweens

  37. Anony says:

    come on, just because you want to believe something doesn’t mean u gotta make a fake female name and make up that b.s.

  38. CaptainBoobage says:

    I’m pretty skeptical too, but whatever surgeon she had has done a great job, I usually hate false tits.

    If you want to see a pair of real pert natural huge breasts, look up a girl called Aneli.

  39. A hypnotized breast fan says:

    If they were fake, then why do they bounce when she jogs? Why is there jiggle when she steruts her Perfect figure? Example, DDD walk, her Chicago airport videos, and All videos of her struting.

  40. Tom says:

    To those that think that Denise Milani’s boobs are real, think again.

    Look at this earlier photo of her and it’s obvious.

    They are much smaller there than the more recent photos that we’ve all come to know and love.

  41. D says:

    I’ve seen many of her photos along with the sports by brooks, & though I’m not completely sure as well, I could probably give some explanations as to why they are real. But I doubt that anyone that doesn’t want to believe it would agree.

    Either way, she’s hot!

  42. Anonymous says:

    Jenipurrr, you’re pathetic and an idiot. stop hating. i’ve been with a lot more breasts than you have and those are as real as you are stupid.

  43. Dom says:

    I don’t think there is a photo of her I haven’t seen. She is fuckin’ smokin’.

  44. e cig says:

    Cool pics man!

  45. Anonymous says:

    Sorry to break it to you – She’s photoshopped. Look from photo set to photo set, or even in the same set – her tits are never the same size. And if you look at how big one boob is compared to the other, they stop making sense some time. She’s mostly photoshop bloat tool:


    And she breaks my heart!

  46. Anonymous says:

    Ummm…watch this video and tell me she’s photoshopped. Then post a video on how to make boobs bigger on video to where they move around and bounce ever so nicely.


    Don’t be such a homo naysayer and enjoy these fantastic boobs!!

  47. darkgame says:

    What is the hangup with real vs. fake? Look at those things… if they are fake then her plastic surgeon deserves a nobel prize

  48. darkgame says:

    What is the hangup with real vs. fake? Look at those things… if they are fake then her plastic surgeon deserves a nobel prize
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  49. imyshop says:

    very very pit girls … i love her along time.
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  50. cnnic2005 says:

    What is the hangup with real vs. fake? Look at those things… if they are fake then her plastic surgeon deserves a nobel prize.Christian Louboutin Shoes

  51. Dr. Allan Breastinoff says:

    After watching all her videos where she does not have a bra on underneathe her clothing I will tell you that they sway as natural as natural can be.

    If she had any surgery than the doctor should get an award !

    Watch the “Big Bear” video or the one “with Nadia” where she squeezes those babys and swings them around.

  52. john doe says:

    I actually had dinner with her a couple of years ago, no shitting, they are not photoshopped. She says they are real

  53. en1ges says:

    nooooo!!!! its shame these are fake, idk how i just found about this chick but i was like woah! i mean, if everything on her was real, i’d have a heart attack. if only i met a girl with such a body, i’d try hooking up in a heartbeat, but thats just selfish of me. but booobs, yummmm… i will never stop my extreme superficial fascination for women like this.

  54. big mac says:

    As a guy who absolutely loves denise milani, i believe her breast are fake just to perfect. i think the reason its such a issue is

    A. men refuse to accept it (including me)lol
    B. the fact that they look so real imo is that any women who had big natural breasts like denise and have had there boobs done come out with a much different and more natural look then a girl who has an B cup to start with. if you were to put an f cup into a girl with a natural b cup and then compare with a girl who had d or dd natural cup like denise had back in her day the differance would be night and day. the girl with a natural d cup would give the apperance of a beautiful natural set of f cups and still had a very real look and feel not hard as a rock like a girl with b cups would have. and imo thats exactly what is happened here.

  55. biggerisbetter says:

    agree with the above, she was just huge before surgery, so the chances of them looking amazing after surgery is much higher as she has more ‘boob’ to begin with and therefore more flexibility in the skin.

    (god knows what an enhanced Wendy Combattente would look like then?!?!)

  56. someguy says:

    This thread might be dead, but oh well.

    I’ve been a Denise fan for the past couple of years, and was mesmerized by her chest, but didn’t have the brains to think she was fake until the last few days when I started looking it up. Sad to say, but the truth is, she is fake. People who don’t want to believe it are in denial. They don’t love Denise, they love the image she’s been showing for the past several years (who wouldn’t, though).

    The basic reasoning of course is that she had much smaller (but still well endowed) breasts when she was with SBB. People can counter this common argument with another common and misleading argument, that women’s breasts go over time. Truth is, the female breast grows naturally mainly two times in their life: during puberty, and during pregnancy. Denise’s breasts could not have grown that huge in the past five years since leaving SBB, so, the sad truth is, she’s fake. I hate to say it, but she’s fake, and a liar.

  57. BigMike says:

    I would love to slip my BIG cock in her and let something warm explode on those nice tits.

  58. PeterP says:

    Well, she looks good to me, yum. Yeah, women’s breasts don’t grow after 30 years old except if the woman gets fat and Denise has gotten skinnier and her breasts have grown larger. Need to get that made into a pill, lol. You can’t tell implants when a woman has D cup breasts to begin with and some sag. Its why they hang nice and move well.

  59. TIna says:

    WOW! She has much bigger boobs then I could ever have. Wish even my boobs were something like her.



  60. jim says:

    Are you retarded???

    You sound like a fucking idiot. You do understand there is a new invention called a PERIOD………. you can use it instead of and and and and and and….

    I am sure Denise would be real real interested in having a “smart” guy like you for a friend.

  61. BO says:


  62. Anonymous says:

    unfortunately, she has been altered. Here’s proof http://www.boobpedia.com/boobs/Denise_Milani

    she had huge boobs to begin with, just made them better.

  63. D says:

    LOL a petition. It cracks me up the lengths some people will go just to see her nude. On another note, people who are skeptical about things like this seem to overlook many things. Like, over a lifetime, no one remains the same. One way or another, they continue to grow. It just various among different people.

  64. Anonymous says:

    unfortunately, she has been altered. Here’s proof.

  65. Reneo says:

    Stare at those pics, what do you see ? One of the most stunning and curvy lady of all times. A eyeball-searing face, a sassy smile, a fantasy-fulfilling body, a brain-exploding pair of jugs, a mighty butt. What’s missing ? A soul ! I’m sorry guys to be such a pussy about this, but I sometimes feel like this girl doesn’t exist, as if she was the manifestation of our dreams, a creation of other guys whose aim is to make us empty our wallet and our balls thanks to her. You have to pay to see her pics on her website and the guys give you the opportunity to make money if you promote a girl who hasn’t done a thing except carrying a HUGE breast.
    So, Denise, if you happen to read this, please let’s meet each other, shall we ? And let me place my cock between your marvellous funbags so that I can prove to mankind that you’re for real !

  66. Anonymous says:

    Denise is so damn sexy, if anyone wants to see an interview with Denise Milani check this site out. Or just head on over to see more Denise Milani pics.


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