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Diagrams of the 8 Worst People to Road Trip With

Depending on where you are, Spring Break is either last week, next week, or right now. That means that you’re probably just returning from a road trip, preparing to leave on a road trip, or enjoying a road trip right now. Road trips can be a blast, but if you go with the wrong person, it can easily become the most miserable week of your life. Here are some diagrams to help you identify the 8 people you should never go on a road trip with:



35 Responses to "Diagrams of the 8 Worst People to Road Trip With"

  1. douchebagggggggggg says:

    What no Yuppie Douchebag w/ True Religions, Ed Hardy T, Puma’s, and unnecessary blazers. My people feel slighted.

  2. office jerk, says:

    not a single mention of ray ban wayfarers? what the fuck is the world coming to?

  3. Mr.NoMoniker says:

    wouldn’t the guy with weed be a GOOD person to road trip with?

    Also, that’s a fat ninja.

  4. Jim Deeno says:

    Yeah, gotta look out for the meat heads thats for sure.


  5. the internet says:

    it’s spelled eczema

  6. sexist says:

    What about the female with way too much shit for a week trip that never drives and if she does she complains or almost gets you killed? she also attracts the douchebags at the beach/club/bar and doesn’t compare to any hotties but you would still bang her anyway if you got drunk enough.

  7. Ace says:

    Well, thanks for eliminating everyone I’ve met at college so far. Road-tripping by myself this year, I guess.

  8. Phil Jones says:

    I’m sure each and everyone of you dicksucking sons of bitches fall into these characters. If i went on a road trip with all of you, i’m going to make sure i’m the one driving. So i can drive all you motherfucking cockloving shitstains off a cliff.
    But we should have a hot sweaty sausage orgy first, each of our cocks in each of our asses like a conga line connecting each other. So hot!

  9. Wigger says:

    I take a fence to the chubby white thug, yo. Take me on a road trip and we’s gonna have all the honeys, playboy bunnies, those wantin monies… Don’t hate me cuz I’m beautiful. Aiiight

  10. Eric G-Child says:

    Michael Phelps is a stoner and he sure doesnt look like that…. u wouldnt be sterotyping now would you? Is it ok to hang out w/ white ninjas or train captains?

    Just kiddin love you guys! Happy April Fools! 2 weeks till paradise!!!

  11. Fucking Idiot says:

    Wow Phil….that was graphic, thanx for sharing. Sure fucked up my hetero fap session.

  12. Duffy says:

    Wrong wrong WRONG! The “Stoner” is hands-down the BEST guy to have on a road trip! Have you guys ever even BEEN on a road trip??!

  13. spellcheck. says:


  14. Pattaya Girls says:

    the chubby white thug looks rather skinny.

    Pattaya Girls

  15. DonkeyXote says:

    Sounds like a plan Phil, I’m in!

  16. justin says:
    ew, gross.
  17. aPlateOfSteak says:

    Pounds bike a glan rhil, I’m gay!

  18. mike hock says:

    first faggots, haha jk, youre not faggots

  19. BUTTERNUT says:

    Scotch Breath (HA)

  20. JohnnyBeerDrinker says:

    Me and the sea captain can make it happen……gay jokes below

  21. Malaise says:

    Not bad, Taco. Not bad at all.

  22. Ben Affleck says:

    Hipster and scenester are basically the same person anymore. You forgot the d-baggy emo hair, nautical star tattoos, and zero gauge piercings that are in no way cool.

    Oh yeah… gay chuck taylor shoes, every apple product made (not just the iphone), a $2,000 a month rented one bedroom apartment in the ghetto ass Mission district in San Francisco, anything vegan, boastful in depth knowledge of crappy underground bands that nobody else alive has heard of or cares about, giant Swatch watch or wrist bands, etc.

  23. Ben Affleck says:

    Yes, I am aware of what they would be doing. THAT’S WHY THEY WOULD BE HORRIBLE TO ROAD TRIP WITH!

    Just knowing d-bags like that exist is bad enough, never mind riding in a car with one. And I’ll burn before I allow Davey Havoc’s wussy emo voice to squeal through the earphones of any portable music apparatus.

    Just go to the mission in San Francisco. See if you get 4 blocks before you just have to kill someone.

  24. omgwtfbbq says:

    Sorry faggot I’ll have to stop you right there. You CLEARLY didn’t read the title of this post by HT. Maybe you should try reading it, then rethink your whole essay. The ‘emo’ you’ve refered to, would not be infact a horrible person to have a roadtrip with. They would sit there with their ghetto 2nd gen. iPod nano, listening to AFI and not cause a disruption. gg

  25. pratik says:

    Sea captain has scurvy on his lip? Get the man some lemonade on the double.

  26. meathead says:

    Nice job Holy Taco. Out of all the millions of pictures of roided up douchebag meatheads floating around the internet, you choose a picture of Jesse Marunde, a champion and record breaking strongman who proudly represented the United States of America in the world’s strongest man competitions, and came in second only to the strongest man who has ever fucking lived. Oh, by the way, he died three years ago. You Holy Taco people are fucking communists. SHAME!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Ben Affleck says:

    He also happens to fit the profile of a meat head. No big deal. He probably wouldn’t have disagreed. I agree I look like a faggot. So what?

    I’m not sure how including him in this post identifies HT people as communists, per say. You might as well have called us all niggers. Maybe you can clarify.

  28. meathead says:

    I’m sorry sir, but my chiseled thigh muscles render your opinion irrelevant.

  29. Ben Affleck says:

    Clarified perfectly!
    This matter has been resolved.

  30. yes yes in the face! says:

    Holy Shit the Hipster is my (thankfully) EX Brother in Law. The American Spirits were the kicker! Thanks GOD that fucking little douschebag was not responsible enoutgh to sell my cute sister his bullshit for too long. HT nailed it.

  31. justin says:
  32. stop it... says:

    seriously dude, your HT glory has come to an end.
    give it up already….

  33. DonkeyXote says:

    Old-Man-Ball-Cupping pose, my favorite, and extremely usefull when getting my sequential hermaphrodite sister and tranny mom off!