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The Diary of Letterman’s Less-Attractive Intern Revealed!

Eat your cold dead heart out, CNN, because you just got scooped by a couple of idiots.  That’s right: Holy Taco has recently discovered the diary of one of David Letterman’s less-attractive interns:


9 Responses to "The Diary of Letterman’s Less-Attractive Intern Revealed!"

  1. Mr. Squishypants says:

    @Hungry – I think that is the greatest comment I have ever read on Holy Taco.

  2. Hungry says:

    I need to B my L on her T’s.

  3. WHARBLGARBL says:

    Quiet, Fatricia.

  4. Anonymous222343242 says:

    gay ending…

  5. Dnm says:

    She sure has amazing taste in men

  6. Puff says:

    ? I thought he was sleeping with this woman.


    She’s lackin in the fattin and if I may so so myself she’s an attractive young woman…for Letterman.

  7. Philosopher Part 2: Bigger and Blacker says:

    Good stuff HT. Good stuff.

  8. GOODSTUFF says:

    bigger and blacker

    good stuff ? you are you ?