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Diddy Has The Courage To Ask The Real Questions

Diddy Breaks Down The Election – Watch more free videos

It’s not often that a great orator graces us with his ability to take a very complex situation and turn it into a simple story that makes all of humanity sit back and see the world in a new perspective. History has given us such great speakers as Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King Jr and John F. Kennedy. But now, it gives us…Diddy.

From his opening salvo of “Diddy Obama blog! Diddy Obama blog! Diddy Obama blog! Attention John McCain: My name is…Diddy.” to the scathing probe of “She gonna be on the phone with my man from South Korea and like…what she…I mean? What in theee hell?” As you can see, he’s asking the questions that mainstream media is too scared to ask. I’d like to be the first to thank Diddy for his patriotism, his sense of duty and, most of all, for his willingness to take a dump with his mouth in front of a camera, and then put that dump on the Internet.

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13 Responses to "Diddy Has The Courage To Ask The Real Questions"

  1. Anonymous says:

    he seems like he’s on coke.

  2. KTFO says:

    Seriously people, did you expect anything less from the unoriginal music sampling piece of shit P. puff puffy diddy douche bag McFuqnut?

  3. GREG says:



  4. …..disgrace to obama……….. diddy do us and your self a favor and make your next project a suicide note.

  5. Buddy Ice says:

    Puffy, what do mean there’s nothing real in Alaska? Palin’s 17 year old daughter is having a baby; I think that there are strong parallels between that event, and the ghetto, trash existence that spawned you. Even though a 17 year old is already a grandmother in the ‘hood.

    If McCain had him killed, I might, just maybe, think about voting Republican. Probably not though.

  6. Jesus Tapdancing Christ says:

    i would sooner vote diddy than mccain.

  7. matt pilot says:

    i liked the part where diddy embarrassed himself by talking

  8. Josh says:

    WTF happened to making music and NOT expressing your opinion? Why do we have “pop-culture” stars talking about stuff other than fornication, money, and DUIs?

  9. Paul says:

    I love how Diddy talks about Alaska not being “reality.” Seriously Diddy, your “real” name gets changed so often they have to do re-shoots on all your “reality” shows. This is equivalent to L. Ron Hubbard commenting on how aliens don’t exist.

  10. SkiBum says:

    At least Diddy doesn’t stoop so low as to equate black people and crackheads.

    Oh wait…

  11. CaptFilthy says:

    I guess he just had to break it down to a level that his kinda “crew” would understand.

  12. Serioussi says:

    Diddy you filthy rich fool haha.

  13. flag says:

    Diddy is a waste of air. Shut the FUCK up