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Dive Bar Bingo

In the past, we’ve shown you bingo cards for the Grocery Store, Sex Excuses, and Halloween Parties.  Now we’ve come up with a way for you to keep yourself thoroughly entertained while you’re hanging out in a crappy dive bar this weekend. Enjoy.

5 Responses to "Dive Bar Bingo"

  1. Steve Perry says:

    Jyyyyust a small-town girl …
    Livin’ in a LONELY woooorrrrrulllld
    She takes the midnight train goin’ aaaaannYYYYYwheeeerrrrre …

  2. Antwonamust says:

    sorry, couldn’t read this w.o getting journey out of my head.

  3. pyrodwarf says:

    is it bad if I can fill up half of the card by just walking into the local dive? If I stay for 30 min. it will be full.

  4. Scary Movie 5 says:

    what exactly constitutes, a “dive” bar?

  5. pyrodwarf says:

    step one: go to a bar.
    step two: fill out this card.
    If you check 5 or more spots, CONGRATULATION! A WINNER IS YOU!