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Do It With The Lights On For Once


15 Responses to "Do It With The Lights On For Once"

  1. Dspayre says:

    I carry my lunch to work in one of these bags… just in case.

  2. 650DOG says:

    Need two bags, one for her and one for yourself incase her’s falls off.

  3. Philosophers non-existent penis says:

    Hey philosopher, how bout getn daddys key to the gun cabinet and becoming a statistic hmm?

  4. Finnegan says:

    Well using this would be kinda weird, cause this is definetly Lady Di…

  5. Prince Albert in a Can says:

    Who was hot you Irish fag.

  6. John Mastodon says:

    Lady Di: did you know her cause of death was ~finally determined??

    ( she died of “Carpool-Tunnel Syndrome” )

  7. Dspayre says:

    Keep up the good work!

  8. Fuck Philosopher says:

    can’t you go one day without making an asinine comment…did your momma have any kids that lived?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, you’re obviously doing great at not reading other peoples’ comments.

    I was starting to actually consider letting this run its course until you shot your little fuckwit mouth off again.

  10. philosopher says:

    they would probably go bankrupt, if they made a plastic one. you would hear stories of the mass suffocation of ugly people on the evening news

    By the way, to any little bitch who acting like even more of a cunt on their period; don’t bother replying to this. I stopped reading and replying to people, weeks ago, when I realize that as long as I don’t know what someone says, I always get the last word. There is absolutely nothing you little faggots can do, to make me stop posting comments anytime I want. Deal with it.

  11. Fuck Philosopher says:

    hey justin or whatever the fuck the other ones name is…can’t we ban philosocunt’s ip addy? Please…if you do, i won’t make you wear the bag tonite…

  12. Body Massage says:

    more often then not i see a fat guy with a hot chick not a fat chick with a hot guy

    and does this bag come in different skin types? I want a mexican with a mustache!

  13. MaxSpain says:

    Damn… Kids these days got it good. Wish i had one of these years ago. The closest i ever got was drawing a smiley face or a thumbs-up on the bag.

  14. OneOfTheFewGirlsOnHere says:


  15. Barbara Homan's Army says:

    Can I have a couple of these? I am an ugly Ho in Houston.