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Do You Has Boobeez?

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13 Responses to "Do You Has Boobeez?"

  1. yeahboy says:

    Holy fuck, that’s some creepy ass shit.

  2. s3xt0y says:

    omg that monkey lol

  3. Master Of None says:

    now thats a monkey who could throw a kegger!

  4. A. Nell Fisher says:

    The next monkey pic I see that makes me laugh will be the first.

  5. El Moose says:

    no i doz not

  6. Jack Of All Trades says:

    what kind of monkey is that, the hand looks wierd.

  7. Jack Of All Trades AKA Philosopher says:

    lemur fucknut

  8. Snap says:

    Lesser-spotted lemur fucknut, you dick.

  9. Twattage Cheese says:


  10. Philosopher/JackOfAllTrades/MasterOfNone/NewNameComingSoon! says:

    all i’m saying is, the monkeys who i trained to jack me off, don’t have hands that look anything, like that

  11. Dspayre says:

    Nasty calloused hand

  12. Mudbutt says:

    Maybe you need to quit jerkin’ the gherkin for a while.

  13. hooty says:

    why do ignorants assume that all monkeys do is beat off.