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Do You Keep The Ginger Baby Hair Trimmings?

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10 Responses to "Do You Keep The Ginger Baby Hair Trimmings?"

  1. Dspayre says:

    philo-kid twim pack

  2. kandy says:

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  3. philosopher says:

    that is just creepy

  4. rawr says:

    I reccomend you to a very appropriate place ____ it’s called Hell…

  5. bla says:

    theres nothing like little toy fire-crotches

  6. Fakelosofur says:

    sort of like your back hair only not as sticky

  7. freejack says:

    fucking REPOST, lazy bastards:


  8. jim says:

    I don’t fucking care. this deserves to be reposted! it’s creepy as hell!

  9. 650DOG says:

    WTF when do babies have a hairy crotch and arm pits. Pedifile practice here…

  10. Shizzire says:

    Trim the underbrush so the tree looks taller…