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Does Anyone Wear Condoms?

I’m not sure what’s in the cocaine over there in Hollywood, but everyone is having babies.  From people.com:

Gwen Stefani and her rock star husband Gavin Rossdale are expecting their second child, Rossdale’s father confirms to PEOPLE.

“They and the whole family are delighted.”

Yeah, that kid Stefani is holding in the picture definitely looks delighted.  I make that same face right after I shit when I realize I’ve ran out of toilet paper and the only thing in arm’s reach is The New Yorker.

Stefani, 38, and British-born Rossdale, 40, wed in London in September 2002 and have one of the coolest kids in showbiz: Kingston Rossdale, who turns 2 on May 26.

Stefani has described Kingston as a “chilled-out little guy.  He’s just like another person, except that he’s super-cute and super-entertaining.”

Careful, that’s how they used to describe Haley Joel Osment.  Now he looks like this:

3 Responses to "Does Anyone Wear Condoms?"

  1. CagePotato says:

    Haley Joel Osment is basically what would happen if Owen Wilson sodomized Rocky Dennis.

  2. josh says:

    wow. if possible I now like haley joel osment less then I used to when my school made me watch pay it forward.

  3. AngusShangus says:

    wow… Haley looks like a cross between Corkey and Peyton Manning