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Dog Drummer Vs. Def Leppard Drummer

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As I watched the video of this dog drum along to this hipster song, something occurred to me: This one-pawed dog drummer sounds a lot like Rick Allen, the one-armed human drummer of Def Leppard. Having owned Pyromania, Hysteria and High ‘n’ Dry in my younger years, I was very familiar with Rick’s drumming technique. (Being the visionary that he is, Rick actually managed to sound like a one-armed drummer before he even lost his arm.) Here’s proof:

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(Honestly, if you play them at the same time you can’t tell which is which.)

So which drummer reigns supreme? Let’s break it down:

Reason for single-arm technique:
Rick Allen: Lost his left arm when he was thrown from his car in a grisly, cocaine-fueled accident.
Dog Drummer: Is probably just responding to someone scratching it’s leg and not actually drumming at all.
Winner: Rick Allen.

Career Highpoint:
Rick Allen: Touring the world and living the life of a millionaire rock star.
Dog Drummer: Appearing in a 50-second Internet video.
Winner: Rick Allen

Career Lowpoint:
Rick Allen: Still has to play “Pour Some Sugar On Me” every night of every tour.
Dog Drummer: Appearing in a 50-second Internet video.
Winner: Dog Drummer

Rick Allen: Has had sex with more women than you’ve had hot meals.
Dog Drummer: Can lick own butthole.
Winner: Tie

Genitalia status:
Rick Allen: Probably has all of his genitals.
Dog Drummer: Probably spayed or neutered.
Huge Winner: Rick Allen

Final Verdict: Rick Allen 3, Dog Drummer 1

So there you have it. Rick Allen handily defeats the Dog Drummer in the battle of the world’s most famous drummers, who, for whatever reason, only use one arm/paw when drumming.

But, just in case you wondered what it would look like if the Dog Drummer was the drummer for Def Leppard instead of Rick Allen…

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3 Responses to "Dog Drummer Vs. Def Leppard Drummer"

  1. NopantsforDogs says:

    haha. Dog drummer wins in my book.

  2. thedean says:

    dee snider plays the drums?

  3. Tickaz says:

    Kudos to the dog i was actually surprised to hear it change beat at around the 30 second mark