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Dog-Headed Boy


32 Responses to "Dog-Headed Boy"

  1. mezzanine says:

    I’m actually glad this was posted.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m sure you are. FUCKWAD!

  3. fingfangfoom says:

    McDudd, The Lame-Ass Photo of the Day Dog.

  4. Anonymous (pt. 2) says:

    … my point being that yes, this picture sucks a huge hairy fat one, but it’s not like it’s been much better than this lately.

  5. vaffanculo says:

    Whoa, let’s not get carried away. I wouldn’t say George Carlin, but I’d agree he’s maybe Garry Shandling or something.

  6. Anonymous says:

    NO ONE is Carlin on this fucking board. No one deserves to be mentioned in the same sentence as Carlin, unless the word “NOT” is in there.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Paul and Pierre took care of that for him.

  8. g-man says:

    Pierre is like the George Carlin of this shit, Crud is fucking Dane Cook.

  9. Crud. says:

    Look guy, I’m sorry I offended you, I meant every bit of it. Have your poo packed lately?

  10. g-man says:

    In comparison to Crud, he’s Carlin.

  11. Shizzire says:

    That was my first thought too. Why is this funny? Do they need submissions for better material?

  12. Harry Clark says:

    This is not photo of the day material

  13. Thatguypete says:

    Have a little compassion. Obviously you guys don’t know it’s dog-headed boy awareness week.

  14. Captain GrindBastard says:

    That guy must’ve bought a virginity insurance.

  15. g-man says:

    Well that was stupid of him. He should have just named himself Crud.

  16. Pierre says:

    One less wannabee gangbanger glorifying drugs, violence, racism and bigotry.

    A day to be cherished.

  17. T says:

    … why the fuck would you post this here? I mean I’m sorry about your friend but was Dolla’s last dying wish that you post on Holy Taco that he was gunned down and make sure we hold him in his prayers?

  18. Hot Dip says:

    Oh that’s too bad, did he like furry?

  19. Wishbone says:

    Who the fuck is Dolla?

  20. RIP Dolla says:

    RIP Dolla
    Roderick Anthony Burton II also known as Dolla was gunned down in LA today, keep him in your prayers…

  21. T says:

    Then I would imagine he got a raise in pay too!

  22. Paul says:

    The fact is, this is cory’s new job.

  23. Anonymous says:

    You’re fucking kidding me, right? Not about the first part, but the “it was better when Cory was here” part. PLEASE say you’re fucking kidding me.

  24. Anonymoose says:

    There is zero comical value to this picture. Miss ya, Cory

  25. Anonymous says:

    School’s out fer sure.

  26. Dspayre says:

    Fuck Off Frenchie!!!

  27. Hot Dip says:

    So. . .did he like furry or what?

  28. RIP Dolla says:

    man thats not necessary, you dont even have any idea of the backstory. this man has been providing for his family since 13 and has worked hard to get where he is, and most of his songs are more just club oriented not gang bangin, his mixtapes were all about his struggle to support his family when they were poor…man the real asshole’s are people like you who take joy in a another human’s death. oh, btw by generalizing all rappers as gnagbanging, women beating, drug addicts, youre the one who is racist and close minded…i mean forreal if you dont care then you dont care but you dont have take pride in death

    ps to everyone else hating on this post… you can all go to hell cuz i dont deserve your shit for trying to spread the news of an underappreciated rapper who was senselessly killed at the age of 21

    so yeah just try to keep all those affected in your prayers or thoughts

  29. MrTRocks says:

    What the….another dog themed unfunny pic today.

  30. Anonymous says:

    I’d like to sniff your crotch. But this time, PLEASE use the Vagisil first.

  31. michelle from madison says:

    he better not try to sniff my crotch

  32. Hot Dip says:

    Nice costume for the Furry ass fucking convention coming up.