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Dogs Are Better Than Girls At Zero Gravity

Girl Pukes on plane – Watch more free videos

The next time you take a plane ride that will involve a little zero gravity, you may want to bring your dog and leave your girlfriend at home. As you can see from these two videos, they have two very different reactions. Here’s what’s going through each of their minds as they hit zero gravity:

Girl: Oh my God oh my God oh my god. Please stop! I want to go home. Don’t! Why did I come on this stupid trip. God I hate planes! Oh no, I’m totally going to puke. Oh God. Here it comes. If I cover my face no one will know. I just puked. Covering my face didn’t work. My glasses are covered in puke and I may have yakked on that bitch next to me. Well, she dragged me on this trip. Stupid bitch. Oh no, I think I might puke again…

Floating Dog – Watch more free videos

Dog: This flight is going pretty nicely. I wonder why they brought me along? Oh hey, I’m floating. Let’s go see what these guys are doing. I wonder if I’ll get some sausages later. Man, I love sausages. Hey guys, what’s up? Whoa, back on the floor now. Are there any sausages down here?

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3 Responses to "Dogs Are Better Than Girls At Zero Gravity"

  1. Dropper says:

    Ha. My brother and I used to do same thing with out family’s cat. Take it up in the plane, climb ’til you slow down then point the nose down and go weightless for a few seconds. That cat had no idea what the fuck was going on as it was floating around in the back. Never complained though, just looked really confused.

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Ice Buddy says:

    I love that dog video… I laughed, I cried.