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Dominos Now Has $4 Pizzas

Despite all of its apparent attempts to drive me totally insane, this Japanese pizza commercial actually made me want some pizza. And since I don’t live in a cartoon world where pizza toppings do a one-legged dance and gender-shifting pizza slices ask me if they’re “ignored,” I’m going to take advantage of Dominos new $4 pizza special. Called the “Recession Buster,” you can make your rebate check go a long way because you can now get three 10-inch pizzas for four dollars (minimum order of three). And since they have an online ordering system, you don’t even have to talk to anyone to get it. Unless your pizza starts talking back to you. Then you should talk to a doctor (or a Japanese pizza commercial animator.)

6 Responses to "Dominos Now Has $4 Pizzas"

  1. Best Boy says:

    I had pizza in Japan once. Came with pineapple and squid. I’ll take Dominos

  2. Pratik says:

    When the pizza slice was like “….IGNORED??” I thought it would get all Super Saiyan and blow the entire galaxy to smoky ashes (after a five minute screaming session).

  3. jamesshinobi says:

    or get rapped by tenicles

  4. Mr. B says:

    First Jiffy Lube. Now Domino’s. Who else is giving you guys ad dollars? Should I expect. Should I except a tube of Herpacin-L photoshopped into an Amy Weinhouse picture later this week?

  5. JONATHAN says:

    pappa johns has online ordering and is by far a superiour slice of trans fat goodness

  6. Anonymous says:

    www. pizzahut .com , gotta love online ordering , wait until about 30 mins b4 they close and order a personal pizza , 80% of the time they have ran out of the personal crusts by then and they say F it n send me a medium pizza for 4.95.