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Don’t Hire Hilary Duff To Do Your PSA

Here’s the problem with all PSAs, not just this one; they’re so watered down that they become laughably bad. You’re making a PSA about people using the word “gay” and the first thing you think is “you know who overuses the shit out of “gay?” Teenage girls.” Really? Have the producers of this PSA ever been inside a fraternity house? I’m pretty sure frat dudes don’t even say words, they just say the word gay and it has three thousand meanings like the word “Aloha” in Hawaiian.

This PSA should have been two dudes in Boston, sitting in a basement, watching a Sox-Yankees game while A-rod was up at bat. Then one of them is like “Dood, A-rod is so faaahking gay, with his gay stance and his faggy gay batting gloves.” Then David Ortiz enters the basement and is like “Ju guys, ju shouldn’t say dat.” Then he turns to the camera and says “Hello, my name es David Ortiz, and when ju say de word gay and it means something bad, big papi no like.” I guarantee usage of the term gay would have been cut in half if that was the PSA.

Anyway, as stupidly produced as that PSA was, I actually agree with the sentiment. But I also want to take this time to present to you my own PSA, about an alarming usage of the last name of a certain celebrity. I also made the mistake of hiring Hilary Duff.

9 Responses to "Don’t Hire Hilary Duff To Do Your PSA"

  1. Obvious says:

    That was so gay.

  2. Pratik says:

    I wish Hillary would’ve used “Asian” instead of “girl wearing a dress as a top” as an example. Then someone gets in a car crash outside and then Hillary looks outside and says “now THAT is Asian.”

  3. boboby says:

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  4. yourgayx5000 says:

    its not gay! its queer or homo or fag-like..

  5. ScaryLarry says:

    Wow how gay was that

  6. Anonymous says:

    what a stupid gay little bitch. Grow up faggot Hillary Duff.

  7. wtf says:

    dude that was so gay

  8. homosexuals says:

    are gay fags,

  9. CedarCity says:

    Wow that was so…Gay