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Don’t Shower At The University Of Michigan

26 Responses to "Don’t Shower At The University Of Michigan"

  1. srqcub says:

    I think this is something that our future V.P. should investigate.

  2. smimz says:

    Better it goes into those pipes than the ole’ fallopian tubes if you know what i mean.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hey srqcub speaking of ejaculating, dont you think it is a little premature to make that assumption.

    PRO CHOICE!!!!!!!!

  4. let's be real says:

    i’ve got two roommates so where the fuck else can i rub one out?

  5. max powers says:

    I does a whole lot more damage when it’s just sitting in my testicles.

  6. Anna says:

    Must be all the homosexuals. . . damn it dane! Look what you did.

  7. Andrew says:

    Hm.. I wonder how the other school’s pipes handle all the semen. For instance.. UC Berk. haha

  8. Gloria Steinam says:

    I heart semen, BUT…My contention is that the lipstick debate is NOT without substance. This goes to the very heart of Democratic sincerity. They have been telling me for years that they were on my side- that they supported me in my quest for equal rights with men. The deluge of criticism and attacks on Sarah Palin has completely changed my opinion of the Democratic party on feminism. When the chips were down and along came a woman who didn’t follow the agenda perfectly, they slam her- they slam her family, her record and her reputation. It’s not a debate on her experience or competetence- it’s out and out character assasination. Obama LOST MY VOTE and I have lost my faith in the sincerity of the Democratic party.

  9. Uncle B says:

    So U of Michigan is full of jerk – offs! Not news, look at any American Universities’ car park – many examples of jerk off vehicles , inadequacy compensator’s etc., but no Eco friendly , Science sensible, carbon fiber turbo diesel hybrid plug in smart cars, just jerk – offs!

  10. joeworm says:

    Well, semen does solidify into a partially-cooked-egg-like goo when heated with hot water. If there’s lots of it, you’ll get clogged plumbing.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Never seen this sign here, as much as I’ve looked

  12. Josh says:

    When are kids gonna learn? Don’t masturbate in your friends shower. Masturbate in your own shower, in your own room.

  13. CherryPicker says:


    Try knocking one out in the bath day. Dissolves my ass. Sticky gloopy mess that clings to your chest hair.

    Jizz is full of protein, just like eggs – cooks in water, just like eggs.

  14. Slrman says:

    This says a lot about the level of intelligence at UM. Almost none. I defy anyone to explain how semen is bad for plumbing. If you could wash stupidity off, I’m sure that would clog their pipes.

    Joeworm, you’re full of shit, warm water or any water for that matter dissolves semen. You must be a UM student to eb that dumb.

  15. Devin says:

    i wish there was some sort of wet hole thing that could simply catch all this semen so it wont be a problem, some times i wish i was an 8 year old with a 19 year olds dick but an 8 year olds balls

  16. Devin says:

    Ya ive had that problem when i rub one out in the shower, it gets stuck to everything when how water is added into the mix. its s huge pain in the ass

  17. Eveboy420 says:

    Just another example of Michigan blowing their loads again. Like thy’re Football team another home loss to open the season HA! chumps OH-IO!!!

  18. Pratik says:

    Wonder what the plumber’s reaction was the first time this happened.

    “Hm-hm-hmmm… ah here’s the problem. Let’s see, whadda we got here. OH FUCK ME…”

  19. josh says:

    How does one figure out that pipes can’t handle semen?

  20. Ed says:

    Wait this was in the women’s showers too?

  21. James says:

    I hate to be that guy, but that’s a pretty common prank to pull in dorms. They did it at my university on a high school premiere weekend.

  22. Mark says:

    and who the hell is going to clean up the mess in my room Mr. Dean?

  23. Josh says:

    They should make pipes specifically for handling semen.

  24. Jack says:

    fuck i didnt realize semen had the power to destroy pipes, thats gonna lead to problems for me

  25. StevenIV says:

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