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Dr. Drew Apologizes To Scientology


When I went to high school, there was this one really weird crazy kid that no one made fun of no matter how much weird shit he did, because one time he bit the head off a dead bird during P.E. and ate lunch underneath this little bridge made for the handicapped kids, and people figured he was capable of killing a man.  I think he’s an investment banker now.  But anyway, I feel the same way about scientology as I did about that kid.  Dr. Drew apparently realizes the mistake he made for calling out scientology and Tom Cruise last week.  Usmagazine reports:

Dr. Drew Pinsky “meant no harm” to Tom Cruise when he told Playboy that the actor’s interest in Scientology is “a function of a very deep emptiness and suggests serious neglect in childhood , maybe some abuse but mostly neglect,” his rep tells Usmagazine.com.

“[Dr. Drew] apologizes if his comments were hurtful,” the rep says.

Oh, I bet he does.  In fact, I have his apology letter.  At first I thought it read really weird, and then when I looked at it more closely, I found a very disturbing message.


11 Responses to "Dr. Drew Apologizes To Scientology"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Do you even know the context in which this statement was made? Do a little research before you jump the gun and fly off the handle. He was making a statement about mental illnesses of people in the public eye and named Cruise in specific. He used a specific example to back up his statement and further prove what the initial topic was. A common strategy to prove a point. It wasn’t a personal dig, it was an observation, and frankly, one I agree with.

  2. beachbabygurl says:

    I am totally stunned that in this day and age someone that is supposedly as well educated as Dr. Drew would make such a callous remark of this nature. I don’t understand why he singled out Mr. Cruise when there are so many celebrities with extremely dangerous addictions and a myriad of other problems. Mr. Cruise has had a successful career, he doesn’t end up in the headlines being arrested for drugs and alcohol and isn’t ironic that the celebrities that end up in trouble like that so many still look up to??? Dr. Drew really should have to take some further schooling and become perhaps more educated before he speaks his outlandish opinions towards others.

  3. alen says:

    i am underground, cruise has rubbed peanut butter on my sack and has rats near by. help please.

    that took way to long for me to decipher

  4. lazy says:

    some help for the lazy people:

    i am under ground cruise has rubbed peanut butter on my sack he has rats near by help please!

  5. Eli says:

    alen already did it, lazy.

  6. Omar says:

    Cuz its fucking scientology- do none of you find it alarming that all these celebrities believe in this ‘religion’ that claims that all of us are alien species trapped in human bodies. Do some research on scientology its fucking ridicoulous

  7. Juli says:

    On behalf of the lazy…


  8. chris25 says:

    Dr. Drew’s name isn’t Andrew, It’s his middle name his first name I don’t know what it is but it’s not andrew. I know this because a woman phoned loveline and said she named her son after him. He told her that andrew was his middle name so I think that the apology letter is fake. And scientology is a cult and ludacris. Absolutely retarded what they believe in, similar to all religions.

  9. Eli says:

    Oh Christ! You “THINK” the letter is fake? Holy auto-fellatio..

  10. iballs says:

    everyone who has commented or more importantly the author of this article needs to lick my bonch. you are all a bunch of bloody mindless cocksuckers.

  11. Anonymous says: