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Dreamers: A Tale of Love Most Terrible

Hi everyone, it’s that time again!  It’s time to make a horribly self serving post.  Today I don’t need you to send me money, or nudie pictures, or delicious beer, but you can and should send me those things.  But also, I need you to click this link.  Which link?  This link!  This link goes to a tumblr I created that features my very own first novel.

For those who don’t know, I wrote a horror novel called Dreamers: A Tale of Love Most Terrible.  It’s horror with a dash of comedy and a subtle romance as well.  What’s the basic story?  It’s about a man who gathers the dreams of demons for a living who discovers he has one very special dream that everyone, from Hell, Heaven and beyond want, including a woman who seems to have the same job as him.  It’s fun.  And currently I am editing the book like a beast, but this tumblr has the original novel, the fully unedited, fell right out of my brain version of the story that I wrote at a pace of about 1000 words a day early this year.  It flowed wonderfully and I barely had to pause to decide where to take it.  And I’m pretty proud of how it turned out, so I feel like sharing it.

If you like it, let me know.  Share with a friend.  If you want to publish it, make me an offer.  If you hate it, maybe you’re bad in the soul.  Whatever happens though, I’d love to know it’s been enjoyed by at least a few people.  You may not know but I do what I do here every day for the pure joy of it.  Well, also a pay check, but pay checks came after.  I started writing because I like it.  I like knowing I made someone laugh, or even made them angry.  I like to entertain.

Of course I’ love nothing more than to see this book published and out for the world at large to consume, but for now I’m happy to share with anyone who’s enjoyed my writing in the past.  Read it, share it, let me know your thoughts.


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