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Drink This: Glenlivet 25 Year Old

Let’s face it, drinking is pretty awesome. And drinking scotch is really awesome, so it’s time to put down your pomegranate wine spritzer and graduate to the big boy liquors. Glenlivet just released the The Glenlivet XXV, which, clocking in at 25 years old, is simultaneously the newest and oldest whisky in their portfolio. Finished in a first-fill sherry cask, this whisky has an extra depth of flavor that you won’t find in many other scotches.

Say this to sound smart: The unique, nutty spiciness has compliments of fruity and sweet overtones.

Say this to sound stupid: I are forgetted my pants.

Proof: 86

Price: $350

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10 Responses to "Drink This: Glenlivet 25 Year Old"

  1. jesse says:

    better Says:
    “how much did you get paid for this commercial?”

    I think the best part is how ridiculous the price is. My friend told me that good old Cutty Sark was going out of business. So they jacked up the price when liquidating their liquor assets. Low and behold, people thought it was better scotch since it was more expensive and it rebounded the business. PEOPLE ARE DUMB!

  2. Zeeek says:

    well, too rich for me taste.
    i drink the stuff that tells me i’m going to die broke and lonely.

  3. Dom says:

    This review makes me very happy and thirsty. It’s good to see that you enjoy the best drink around, Scotch. It is by far my favorite drink if I had more than $50 bucks in my account, you might see me purchasing this, but for now I must stick with Mr. Walker.

  4. Alejandro says:

    You guys just became that much more hip to me. I just purchased a bottle of the 18 year old stuff at Duty Free for $50. Probably the cheapest bottle of great Scotch I’ve ever purchased. Though, I was once at Heathrow and they were giving out samples at Harrod’s Whiskey shop of Glenlivet’s 27 year old Naddura selection. I hear it’s actually illegal to sell in the states. I’ll be looking out for this 25 year old bottle.


  5. Pratik says:

    But will it put hair on your knuckles? That is the question.

  6. better says:

    how much did you get paid for this commercial?

  7. Chris says:

    Say this to sound smart: The unique, nutty spiciness with complements of fruity and sweet overtones.

    -hopefully you’re not writing it though, because it’s spelled wrong. Ya fuggin’ fairies. It’s “compliments”

  8. smarty pants says:

    At least be accurate if you are going to make fun of a grammatical error. If you were competent enough or took the two seconds to verify it you would know that you are a tool and that they did use “complement” correctly.

    This is what happens when someone learns a few things and thinks they are the shit…go back to grade school and try again.

  9. buckaroo says:

    Every “Chris” i have known i would consider to be an idiot. You Chris, are no exception.Thanks for not letting me down.

  10. crotchpheasant says:

    I knew a guy named Chris who changed his name to Denny. People named Chris are idiots. No offense, Denny.

    I don’t know what I’m going to do to get the $350 I need for this, but it’s not something I’m gonna tell anyone about, because I think it involves blowing a guy in the alley behind the Pavilions at Melrose and Vine. Oh shit I have a problem.