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Drink This: Lucid Absinthe

lucid absinthe

Absinthe is back. After being banned for nearly 100 years, the mythical licorice-flavored spirit is now legally sold in both the US and Europe and it’s your duty to see what all the fuss is about. But first, a history lesson. The legend that absinthe has hallucinogenic properties is false. In late 19th Century Paris, absinthe was very popular among the artists and bohemian culture. Social conservatives (i.e. Republicans) and the local wine industry (worried about losing market share to the up-and-coming absinthe) joined forces to promote a propaganda campaign against the green spirit and claimed that the wormwood shrub used to make it contained a chemical called Thujone which made humans delirious and “made a ferocious beast of a man, a martyr of a woman and a degenerate of an infant.” A few murders were blamed on it and petitions were quickly signed all over Europe to ban the drink.

The problem is, there’s not nearly enough Thujone in absinthe to make you go bonkers and there’s no scientific evidence that Thujone even has any affect on humans. But having said that, you don’t want to start shooting absinthe like it’s Happy Hour at Applebee’s. At 124 proof, Lucid has an alcohol content that can put you on your ass faster than you can say “I love to drink more than I love my family.” Mix it with a little water and sugar like they did back in the day. It’ll help you stay upright and it will make you look like you’re civilized gentleman. Go here to see how to drink it like Ernest Hemingway, Oscar Wilde and Vincent Van Gogh.

Lucid is the first traditional absinthe to be released in the US market since the 2007 ban was lifted. Pick up a bottle today for $60. Buy it here.

19 Responses to "Drink This: Lucid Absinthe"

  1. Wakeman says:

    As long as it has a high price to deter teenagers from binging on the stuff I’m happy. Any idea how addictive this stuff can be compared to normal beer? I’ve been in an alcohol rehab center before and don’t want to end up there again lol.

  2. Brooks says:

    Curt, a slight correction….

    All authentic absinthes — including those currently available in the US — contain wormwood. You’re thinking of thujone, a component of wormwood, which for years was incorrectly thought to cause madness, hallucinations, etc. A decade of laboratory testing has dissected and debunked the thujone myth, but vendors are still pedaling the myth for profit. Let the buyer beware!

    Sites such as the Wormwood Society, The Absinthe Museum, and Fee Verte are good sources of up-to-date, level-headed information on absinthe — modern and vintage. You’ll find history, the latest research on thujone (sans hype), reviews, and a list of reputable vendors:

    Wormwood Society

    The Absinthe Museum”

    Fee Verte


  3. JDB says:

    Curt, read the label as Lucid contains a full measure of grande wormwood the same amount of grande wormwood found in most pre-ban absinthes. Cheer!

  4. Curt says:

    Sorry to burst your bubble JDB…. BUT….

    “Because Lucid is made with real Grande Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium), it contains some thujone in an amount less than 10 parts per million. This meets U.S. requirements, which consider anything less than 10 ppm to be ‘thujone free’…

    That is from the ATF/FDA

    Europend versions absinthes are within the norms of the European Union limits, i.e. less than 35 mg/liter

    MORE then 3 times the Thujone allowd into the U.S.

    Yes Lucid does have it… But not the FULL amount…
    I have had all kinds , Including Lucid…. ther is a VAST difference…

  5. cory says:

    Hey Curt,
    You didn’t seem to read the piece. There is no proof that Thujone has any hallucinogenic affects on humans (it was tested on hamsters.) Plus, the amount of Thujone you’re talking about is still so small that you would die of alcohol poisoning well before you felt any of the supposed trippy affects.

    Can’t we all just get drunk and get along?

  6. Curt says:

    I never said Anything about “hallucinogenic affects “…. I was refering to the Taste…
    It does taste different…..
    Try La Fee if you can get your hnds on it…
    They do sell it over the internet (Yes, to the US too).

  7. Curt says:

    It is like compearing Budwiser to Sam Adams…. Yes they are both Beer… BUT !!!

  8. Spears says:

    Absinthe is purported to be legal in the US as long as it is THUJONE FREE! How strange as Absinthe is made from Artemisia Absinthium, the herb that gives Absinthe it’s name, and produces Thujone so what is the truth are they selling Absinthe? I don’t think so. I have been absinthe connoisseur for a while now and one of the best genuine REAL ABSINTHE brands available are Absinthe Original and Bitter Spirit. They’re both available to buy from Absinthe.

    Absinthe Original

  9. Russell Carrier says:

    Just became legal in KY today, got a bottle and I am now loushing

  10. gott54 says:

    Oscar Wilde is one of my absolute favourite writers of all time – http://www.ebook-search-queen.com/ebook/Osca/Oscar%20Wilde.all.html . He is SO funny. I actually did Importance of Being Earnest as one of my coursework texts, and got 19 out of 20 on it, mostly because I love the play so much.

  11. quarrygirl says:

    that stuff is pretty good. i don’t see what the big deal is, though.

  12. Vent says:

    the stuff I had was nasty (no, it wasn’t the cheap stuff), and as stated above, had none of the affects I was looking for.

  13. Brawny Mike says:

    Am I having deja vu or did you guys already write about absinthe? Oh, wait, what have we here…


  14. green angel says:

    got a bottle for christmas. makes you see double real good.

  15. cory says:

    Yeah “Brawny Mike”…if that is your real name…that was a new story about absinthe being legal and the this post is a product profile about the first absinthe that’s available after the ban. We also write a lot about boobs, but you don’t seem to complain about that.

  16. Shhh, I'm hunting wabbits. says:

    To get the same experience as drinking absinthe but for a fraction of the price, just get a cotton ball, gasoline, and a lighter. You dip the cotton ball in gasoline, light it on fire, and swallow it. And if you can’t afford this poor man’s method, try the really poor man’s method. Just borrow a steak knife, the one with the serrated edges, and stick it into your throat. You can either swallow it, or literally stick it into your throat via your neck. Either way you’ll get the same effect.

  17. curt says:

    It is NOT REAL Absinthe… it does NOT contain the main ingredent…. WORMWOOD…. this stuff is the same a Jagermeister…. Try the real stuff ( La Fie for example, and you will know)..

  18. curt says:

    Let me rephrase … it does NOT contain the LARGE amount of Wormwood REAL Absinthe does…. only a very small portion…

  19. Mellow D says:

    Thanks for clarifying.