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Drunk Animals Are A Lot Like Us

So, the backstory on this, (unless you speak French, in which case, just listen to the narrator) is that there are these trees in Africa that once a year produce fruit that ferments, then all the animals come, eat the fruit, and get wasted. 
I think you can learn a lot about biology and evolution by watching animals when they’re wasted.  If you don’t believe we came from monkeys, then please take a look at the monkey in this video when he gets shit faced, and tell me you haven’t seen a friend on a saturday night, walk around EXACTLY like that.  I’m pretty sure if I could understand what monkeys were saying, that monkey would be saying "dude, where, you know what dude, you know…this f*&kin guy right here man, THIS f*&kin guy…i need to piss."
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9 Responses to "Drunk Animals Are A Lot Like Us"

  1. mica says:

    an I take showers, I took one few minutes ago and it’s at leat my second of the month lol

  2. PrickRolled says:

    If you speak French you probably are a homo who hasn’t bathed in a month.

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. Anonymous says:

    This is from a movie called Animals Are Beautiful People. It is available in English. It’s by the same group of people who made the Gods Must Be Crazy movies.

  5. mica says:

    Prick Rolled
    IF you think so it’s maybe because you are a fucking redneck whe slaps his wife because he is shit face every evening.
    And ask your wife if frenche are homo … it’s not what she said to me last night.

  6. Lizeth says:

    This is funny. And another anticipated film for this year is The Goods movie. The Goods movie is a film about a car dealership that’s been hit hard by the recession, and the star of the film, Jeremy Piven, has to figure out how to make the Fourth of July sale a smashing success and make some fast cash. The film will also feature Will Ferrell. Ferrell has had a riotously successful film career thus far, although his most recent film, Land of the Lost, hasn’t exactly been blowing up the box office. If the previous films in his catalog are any indicators, the producers of The Goods movie won’t need debt consolidation from making the film.

  7. eknks says:

    If you speak French you probably are a homo who hasn’t bathed in a month.

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  8. Anon says:

    At 2:22 whatever that is, Caribou or some shit, i want the buzz he’s got. That’s a pimp walk.

  9. Rachel says:

    lol, that was just plum cute!