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Drunk Girls Pee Where Drunk Girls Want To Pee

drunk girl pees in 7-11 – Watch more free videos

Since you’re probably not a totally wasted girl wearing a bikini, you probably pee in a toilet, like a sucker. Drunk girls, on the other hand, will pee wherever the hell they want. Like, if one of them is in a 7-11 aisle they aren’t going to hold their urine until they get to a bathroom. That would be stupid. Instead they just yank down their bikini and let it happen right then and there. (And text their other drunk girl friends while they’re doing it, too.) God, I love drunk girls.

26 Responses to "Drunk Girls Pee Where Drunk Girls Want To Pee"

  1. Anonymousy says:

    I once jerked off while really drunk and when I thought I was coming I actually pissed myself.

  2. Jessica says:

    I actually DO NOT think she was peeing. In my professional opinion, I think she is putting in a tampon. If you notice, she is not stumbling around, she fiddles around down there while the assumed peeing is taking place (who does that?), then she picks stuff up off the floor afterwards. You are not going to try to tell me that she is picking up her pee, are you? Because, that is impossible, sorry.

  3. shit rocket says:

    hahahahahaha wicket

  4. jimmmmm says:

    i pissed on my friend lauren a few times, its cool. i think of her like 7-11, i just keep her around for conviniance

  5. Rocky says:

    10 Drunk Photos You Don’t Want To Be In Let’s face it, we have all been really drunk and made some mistakes. This is part of being human. The good news is that a lot of times, when you act a fool, your friends are in a similar state of mind and probably weren’t concerned with you being you.

  6. CuriousMDguy says:

    I’ve had a girl piss in my mouth before. love the thought of being used by 1 or a few girls as a toilet. am i alone in this, are there women out there that would do that? just curious, i think i’d try it.

  7. CuriousMDguy says:

    richy_69_99@yahoo.com if anyones interested in discussing more.

  8. emily says:

    one time after a long night at the bar, my boyfriend told me he woke up to the sound of water so he turned on the light to find me pissing in his clothes basket ontop of fresh clean laundry. The funny part was i looked up at him and asked “can i get some privacy?” and to this day we refer to getting wasted as getting “hamper-pissed” drunk

  9. dare says:

    can i piss in your mouth then

  10. john says:

    i wish a girl whould pee in my mouth so i can drink it

  11. kat says:

    i guess piss happen lol

  12. Unbelieveable Stuff says:

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  13. john says:

    i want a hot girl to pee in my mouth so i can drink it all

  14. Big Jeff says:

    Who hasn’t pissed on the floor of a 7-11, drunk or not?!?

  15. Dom says:

    I’m a little curious as to what she was doing after she was done. It almost looks like she rinses her hands off in her own urine.

  16. Jevinski says:

    Yeah, she totally rinsed with her own piss.
    This looks like one of Jon Tricky’s girls… http://tinyurl.com/5c7d5c

  17. sam says:

    Anyone for a slur-pee

  18. aaron says:

    haha that is awesome.

  19. Tickaz says:

    all i have to say is: TITS

  20. Seth says:

    When you gota go, you gota go.

  21. cunty cuntall says:

    She could’ve pissed on me. I just just love having golden showers and ‘bronze’ fun with my Nana.

  22. sarah says:

    i was a grunk girl who needed to pee once last year – I sat on my friends coffee table and proceeded to piss all over it, but was polite enough to make a flushing motion with my hands on the wall. I think I thought I was on a toliet.. lol

  23. Ron says:

    Are you sure there was no camera under that guy’s coffee camera…? Nice that you flush, did you wash your hands too..?