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Drunken Argument Friday: Chicago Pizza Vs New York Pizza

If there’s one thing we like to do more than drink, it’s argue about really important stuff like which type of pizza is better. Here’s what it sounds like when when we do both at the same time.
The Drunken Argument For New York Pizza
I don’t know what happened to the Italians that migrated from New York to Chicago, but apparently on the way there they forgot how to make fuggin pizza. One slice of deep dish pizza and suddenly I feel like asking someone to grab a coat hanger and follow me into a back alley. You get filled up with a bunch of dough, which is the cheapest part of a pizza. It’d be like paying for a hooker and having her spend 90% of her time giving you an HJ.

Pizza, much like a woman, shouldn’t be thick and sloppy, it should be thin and tight and listen when you talk to it, and not call its mother every god damned day just to check in – Pizza should be thin. Good New York pizza is crispy and light, and allows you to consume a shit pile of beer. If I wanted to eat something cheesy and doughy, I’d eat Jim Belushi.
The Drunken Argument For Chicago Deep Dish Pizza
What are you afraid of you little whiny bitch? Awww, too much food for you, huh? Here’s you when you see some real-assed Chicago Deep Dish Pizza, "Oh no! I can’t eat all that food! Give me some itty bitty baby pizza! Waaah! My vagina aches!" That’s what you sound like. Why don’t you sack up, sit down and eat like a man. This is America, asshole. Food is supposed to be big, round and full of fuggin’ cheese. "New York pizza" costs a dollar and tastes like sweaty cardboard. Chicago pizza will make your heart cry.
And don’t give me "New York pizza is real pizza." The pizza we eat was invented in America. The same place that invented the 50 pound cheeseburger and heart disease. What sounds more like a meal: A quarter inch of floppy, soggy "crust" sprinkled with a tablespoon of processed cheese or a crust piled higher than your last five shits swimming in two pounds or real cheese and a bucket of sauce. The only time I ever eat New York pizza is at three o’clock in the morning after eight hours of drinking or when I lost my job and got tired of eating newspaper.
Now it’s your turn to chime in. Just follow these easy steps: 
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Step 3: Type whatever stream of consciousness bullshit that comes into your head on this topic in the comment section.
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105 Responses to "Drunken Argument Friday: Chicago Pizza Vs New York Pizza"

  1. raybannedfromtv says:

    Chicago is better. Stuffed with good shit.

    Ever heard of a DICK DONUT? Me either, until I saw this hilarious (and NSFW) video:


  2. Anonymous says:

    Suck fat cocks. You are incorrect.

  3. Anonyork says:

    That diatribe was working well until you mentioned Boston.

    Fuck Boston…and not in a good way. Boston is gay!(Sorry gay people, didn’t mean to insult you by associating Boston with you, but hey, its the truth.

    And no, diatribe is not a fucking baseball team.

  4. dondoesyormom says:

    hahahaha FUCKIN GROSS DUDE!

  5. todders says:
    you are the type of guys responsible for this shit:
  6. Anonymous says:

    NY, Chicago, meh. The best pizza I ever ate was in Pisa, Italy. Everything else is but a pale, doughy, over-loaded lardy-assed imitation. Much like your good selves. Bring on the hate…

  7. Sickpigs says:


  8. Anonymous says:

    Either that or the definition was made by a New Yorker. The dictionary? Really?

  9. anon says:

    i like your style.

  10. dane says:

    ahhh man I love ketchup on hotdogs!

  11. Anonymous says:

    I guarantee most donkeys who claim to have eaten “NY Pizza” ate a slice of Ray’s when then got off the doubledecker noob bus tour. But having never been to Chicago I’m not going to make any claims for or against it, I’m sure a lot of people have eaten bad “Chicago Deep Dish” from some fast food dumpster. If you’re in NY do yourself a favor and go to Lombardi’s in Soho or Grimaldi’s in Brooklyn, and you’ll change your tune about NY pizza.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Aww, Chicago pizza is to big for you whiny bitches? If you’re full get some fucking friends to finish off the pie retards. New York pizza is to Chicago style as bologna is to steak. There comes a time in every man’s life when he puts down the lunch meat and takes a bite of prime rib. When I order pizza I want a meal not a snack.
    New York pizza is only reserved for women because I don’t want to see them get fat off Chicago deliciousness.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Just because you saw a show about New York pizza on the Food Network does not make you a local nor an expert. Suck fucking dicks, go back to New Jersey.

  14. ditka says:

    This is a terrible argument to make on here, seeing as 80% (EXACT NUMBER) of the people arguing against chicago pizza have never had chicago style pizza MADE IN CHICAGO. They probably like ketchup on hot dogs too, which is just a crime. I’ve made the mistake of trying chicago style from out of town and it kinda reminded me of nailin some chick with a somkin hot face, and seemingly good body, but once you get her clothes off, she’s got burn scars covering the rest of her body, a loose, dry vagina, and a whole slew of STD’s. Hell, half the reason anyone even goes to chicago is for food. It’s pretty much the only thing done right there. Politics? Shady as fuck. Sports? Save for a few shining moments, historically bad. Weather? You like sub zero wind chills in the winter with a foot of snow, and heat waves that get body counts in the hundreds in the summer.

    I don’t want to knock New York style pizza though, because pizza is such a fantastic food in any way. But when you truly want a blissful cornucopia of sense fucking awesomeness, there is simply no other choice than a boner inducing Chicago style deep dish pizza made in one of the city’s many notable establishments.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Maybe he’s from New Haven; for some stupid fucking reason, people from that city always claim to have the best pizza in the country. It boggles the mind.

  16. todders says:
    Chicago deep dish wins by a landslide! yo, have you ever seen a DICK DONUT before? I hadn’t until I’d seen this (fucking hilarious!!!), WARNING NSFW:
  17. sally strutter says:

    LMAO!!! dude that shit is foul!!!

  18. Sickpigs says:

    I agree, but it was “drunken argument Friday,” so uh….FUCK YOU!

  19. Sickpigs says:

    Oh wait, it’s Saturday now. Sorry about that.

  20. olderty says:

    Hey NY pizza fans, the Red Baron wants his recipe back. Chicago pizza is awesome. Try Lou Malnati’s. Argument over.

  21. Anonymous says:

    you loser! Chicago stole its recipe from the no frills sams club pizza that trailer park trash and crack hos wont even eat!

  22. That Guy says:

    i’ve never had chicago deep dish, but would love to try. i like new york style, but prefer sicilian pizza

  23. HedonismNow says:

    Fuck em both! Mall pizza and greasy logs aren’t the only options. A perfect pizza is as thick as a deck of cards and loaded with gooey cheese and thick-sliced toppings. The crust has to be airy with a crisp shell. You can eat the whole pizza (it ain’t a pie so get over it already) and still down a couple pitchers of even the darkest beer.

  24. Maxibaby says:

    You have got to be shitting me. This is not even an argument. The Italian immigrants came to new york and stayed the fuck in new york. Ask any real italian and they will say that new york pizza is second best to how their grandmother made it in Napoli. Chicago pizza is a pie. Not a pizza pie, just a pie o’ cheese and sauce. Cheese, sause and bread are together all the time in Italian cuisine but that don’t make it fuckin pizza. Also the fundamental problem goes beyond just pizza. It really comes down to the fact that New York is just a way better, more original, and interesting fucking city. Chicago is just a cold piece of shit on a lake in the middle of nowhere. Fuck chicago, fuck the midwest. This country is made up of New York, LA, Florida for vacations and Boston for a drunk weekend. New York muthafuckers, if you can make it here you can make in anywhere……especially fucking Chicago.

  25. mdogg says:

    Love them both, they are different animals. If I could only eat one for the rest of my life, I’d go NY. If I could only eat one as my last meal, Chicago style, hands down. For your everyday pizza you go NY, for a special, super awesome meal you go Chicago. It’s pretty simple. People who hate one or the other are moronic, it’s about knowing when and where.

    Also, NY pizza can be found alive and well all over the country, it’s easier to make happen. But if you eat Chicago Style pizza outside of Chicago there is 9.9/10 chance you’re eating shit.

  26. Anonymous says:

    People who put ketchup on hot dogs should be repeatedly ass-fucked until they fix themselves.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Here’s the problem, is that probably 80% of people on here haven’t had either pizza in the supposed place they are inspired by. That’s alright though. The rest of us get to eat it without the polluted water of the lakes or the river. Essentially, no matter if you like New York or Chicago style, as long as you don’t eat it in that town, you are probably having a good pizza.

  28. Anonymous says:

    You misspelled stupid. Even on purpose, that ought to ban you from the series of tubes forever.

  29. Sickpigs says:

    Wow! That was really fucking funny. Do you write for the site, cause you should. The way you manged to put feces, piss, and an abortion in the same joke was just superb.

  30. Smokey says:

    I eat chicago pizza stuffed with new york pizza
    I’m hardcore like that

  31. ther says:

    Sadclown that is what you are sad and a clown if y ou knew abpout pizza and the quality of it NO WAY ON EARTH CHICAGO BEATS NY,,,……for every 10 pizzerias in NY are good and in chicago for every 10 OF THEM SOCK it is like eating paper……

  32. ther says:

    Maxibaby you want real italian pizza of food go to NY. I live in chicago and the italian food here sucks…….you don’t even have real italian delis in chicago the delis are like all fucked up and fake!!

  33. fingfangfoom says:

    hm, i see youve met my ex-wife. she likes ketchup on her hotdogs, but i didnt know she moved to Chicago.

  34. SadClown says:

    I’ve gotta represent Chicago here. Not just out of local pride, but because New York Pizza is bullshit. Go eat some goddamn Tombstone pizzas if you can’t handle “too much stuffing.” Also, fuck folding pizza. If you’re into that, why don’t you go fold my laundry too, because you’re now a bitch. Man up and eat the glorious pound and a half of cheese, sauce, and sausage in every slice of Chicago-style. And stop drinking shitty beer, too. Maybe that’s why you’re always sick.

  35. twentythree says:

    ‘the pizza regrets’ of a chicago deep dish have been known to kill a small horse.

  36. AnonymousG says:

    I prefer chicago pizza simply because my penis can penetrate thru all layers of sexual goodness without hitting the bottom pan

  37. Iron Man says:

    Brats FTW

  38. mdogg says:

    Lived in NY for 4 years, ate plenty of pizza. Lived in chicago for 5, ate plenty of pizza. Lived in LA for 6 and I’ve had good NY pizza here, but never anything close to good Chicago pizza.

    Now you live in Texas. I would not expect to find good versions of either there. My point is just that Chicago style is harder to make happen. Doesn’t make it better or worse, it’s just a fact. Hell, a couple places out here import water from NY to make their pizza, places owned by people from NY with thriving places still there.

    LA is a shitty pizza town in general, but you can find decent NY pizza, you can’t find even passable Chicago pizza. I’ve had good, even great NY pizza outside of NY in many parts of the country, I’ve never had even decent Chicago pizza outside of Chicago.

  39. Anonymous says:

    New Jersey pizza is the best. They cover that shit in the same grease that you can see covering all the guidos there. Greasy fucken italians.
    OOOO the maia the mafia! How come every orange fucking guido claims they are related to someone that was in the mob? Did Willy Wonka open a tanning salon? Because you look like a fucking oompa loompa

  40. Anonymous says:

    Dead on. No New Yorker in the history of ever would lump Boston in as an even tolerable place, and the opposite is true for Boston. My money says he’s from Connecticut too.

  41. Rick says:

    I live in st louis, and imo’s is dogshit.

  42. huSTLer says:

    Fuck all that shit and Fro! St. Louis style is the best check out Imo’s Pizza and tell me thats not the best pizzza you ever put in your fuckin mouth. The square beyond compare bitches.

  43. Greg says:

    Well the Chicago style pizza compared to the New-York pizza is like a black dick compared to a asian one. lol

  44. Anonymous says:

    I my case it would ned to be a fucking DEEP dish then

  45. Anonymous says:

    I wish I was hardcore like that also

  46. Anonymous says:

    New Jersey sucks at everything, aside from possibly gay cocksucking and hair gel purchasing. Notice that nobody mentioned New Jersey when they talked about the two types of pizza.

  47. Chi-t-cawgo says:

    Bozos from Chicago, pizza is 3 things (that’s two higher than you most of you can count, use your fingers to figure it out)
    Granted chit-cago pizza has cheese and sauce, albeit cheap crappy midwestern versions. But deep-crap pizza has no crust, it’s some kind of dried out dumb-ass midwest thick and stupid cake-like crud. It’s flaky like the flakes who like it.
    Now a great NY pizza – that’s a crust.
    Go crawl back into your caves, second city, it ain’t pizza you’re making, it’s crappy cake. even obama hates it!

  48. Dave says:

    ,‚ ,‚/ˈpitsÉ™/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [peet-suh]

    a flat, open-faced baked pie of Italian origin, consisting of a thin layer of bread dough topped with spiced tomato sauce and cheese, often garnished with anchovies, sausage slices, mushrooms, etc.

    I dig both styles, but technically Chicago style “pizza” is not pizza. It falls into it’s own category of food.

    That doesn’t make it bad, in fact it makes it more noteworthy.

  49. Anonymous says:

    Deep Dish pizza was created when some URBAN inner city, drug addicted, single mother accidentally aborted her future Obama on a NY Pizza then rolled it up to hide her abortion from her 7 kids so she would have something for a late night snack. When the cops came by for their twice daily neighborhood sweep they smelled something different than the normal piss and feces. Upon closer inspection of an umbilical cord hanging out of the pizza box dangling from the alleged woman’s legs—-VOILA!!

    Chicago Deep Dish Pizza was invented

  50. d0gma says:

    NY pizza can NOT be found everywhere. I grew up in NY, I moved to Texas about 10 years ago, still have not found decent pizza. If you think that the bs that passes for “NY style pizza” is any good, then you’ve obviously never had real NY pizza. That’s why they call it “NY style,” it looks like NY pizza, but it sure as hell doesn’t taste like it.

    • Tia says:

      I agree…. I have moved to Illinois and for the past 5 years, have not found anything similar to NY pizza. The pizza sucks here…but you can order NY Style pizza and it can be delivered to you. I haven’t ordered any yet, but soon will.

  51. Sickpigs says:

    You probably live in fucking suburban Connecticut. No self respecting “New Yorker” would lump Boston into their description of cool towns.

    “if you can make it here you can make IN anywhere”


  52. supermanlymangunowner says:

    chicago tomato sauce is bullshit. fuck that, i bet most of it is out of a jar.
    theres a couple BANGIN places in the city, but a lot of them use wayy tooo much cheese. pizza shud be fuckin burnt with a lot of homemade sauce.

  53. Anonymous says:

    Totally bro. Fuckin’ shit yeah dude. Yeah. Fuck that shit. I’ll stop. I don’t want to make you late for your next glory hole appointment. Bring knee pads (or as Capt. Retard below would write, Knee Pads).

  54. elwoodinontario says:

    Hey guys, Pizza is like sex:
    When it’s good, it’s great.
    When it’s bad, it’s still pretty good.

  55. Verus says:

    It’s true guys, Chicago deep dish is like a fat chick.
    Yeah it’s fun sometimes, but really, you know you’d like that slim aerodynamic piece of pizza that’s so tight you could wrap it up and stuff the whol sexy thing into your mouth at once. With deep dish you just don’t have that option.
    I’m not saying deep dish tastes bad, pizza is pizza, but less is more, I’d rather eat 3 pizzas(theoretically) and bang three skinny chicks instead of making up for it with one big fat Chicago and a jenny craig hopeful.

  56. BIG E says:

    NY wins by a mile when using this example!

  57. kigol says:

    italian pizza is just dough and cheese with toppings, america added the sauce. well if you took the sauce out of both which would be more representitive of this? NY.

  58. Kurt2 says:

    I can just imagine the Italian “brain storming” required to come up with the Chicago style pizza.
    Mario: Hey, Luigi…Yous’a lika de lasangna.
    Luigi: Si. Is’a lika de pizza too.
    Mario: Hows’a bout we put thems together.
    Luigi: Si. Thats’a sound bellisimo.
    Mario: God damn Chicago. Theres’a Goombas everywhere here.

  59. Chitown says:

    New York Pizza is a bland piece of fired chz on card borad..

  60. Anonymous says:

    Chicago pizza is like eating a greezy delivery box with the NY pizza within and a jar of Ragu spaghetti sauce on top. And to distract you from this there’s a few shakes of imitation parm on top. It tastes good only because of the melted mootserella and butter and garlic salt infused bread bowl. So NY pizza is pizza (a round pie with enough toppings) and the Chicago edible bowl is not.

  61. ther says:

    you can see you don;t know anyting about pizza!!

  62. Fro says:

    Please, allow me to extend this topic. I have lived in Chicago for many years, and I definitely side with the NY pizza. However, this pales in comparison to a much larger issue…one that I have come to near punches over. This goes out to most of the midwest (at least Ohio and Illinois): STOP cutting my friggin’ pizza into squares ya assholes! Round things are cut into triangular slices. Holy shit this drives me nuts. If I have to eat one more god damn square of pizza I’m going to punch someone. Every time it happens I feel like someone is trying to play a joke on me. Ever had a square of apple pie? Didn’t think so. Ever sat in math class (assuming you square-cut-tards even went to school) and divided a circle into squares? No? Really? No shit. Ever seen a pie chart divided into squares? Hmmmm. You didn’t because that would be asinine. Sicilian pie…sure…large squares or rectangles should be cut into smaller squares or rectangles. But pizza-pie…in the round form…slices assholes. To pour salt on the wound…every friggin’ time I ask for my pizza to be “pie-cut” here in Chicago, they say “Ok” and then conveniently forget and cut that shit into useless squares.

  63. Anonymous says:

    wait wait wait. we’re pussies because we eat pizza, yet you are advocating a “meat pie” with hints of anus. I don’t know what flies as being socially acceptable in australia, but in america we prefer men who like meat in their pies and for that matter anus, to keep away from our homes and children. seriously, how can you be pretending to macho while simultaneously endorsing eating out an anus?

  64. thefinch says:

    wow, why so angry? saying all those touph words must make you feel pretty bad ass, i bet you get all the chicks. I bet you pop your collar dont you.

  65. Aussie Cunt says:

    Fuck pizza you american pussy cunts and eat a fuckin meat pie made from real cow anus and optic nerve wrapped in the cheapest fuckin pastry money won’t buy. Or if you are afraid of spilling hot meat on you faggoty brand new jeans then deep throat a sausage roll

  66. Joliet Jake says:

    New york pizza is a better value, but remember you pay for what you get. Better value does not equal better quality. New York pizza is cheap and loaded with grease. First thing you have to do is pat the grease off. The deep dish chicago pizza may be an acquired taste for some used to eating that cheap grease slice, so I can understand why a person that favors new york style does not like deep dish. Well Chicago style is more than deep dish. Chicago has a thin style that shits on New York as well. It is quality, crispy, and most important it is not greasy and not rubbery. HOME RUN INN bytch

  67. Chitown all day says:

    Smh at these silly New Yorkers saying Chicago deep dish isnt real pizza because it’s not thin like the original recipe from Italy. News flash idiots, everything evolves sooner or later, that’s like saying big screen plasma t.v.’s aren’t “real” t.v.’s cause they’re not small and black n white like the originals. I’ve had NY style and wasn’t impressed in the least, it’s equivelant to grease on cardboard. Not my idea of a good pizza.

  68. Anonymous says:

    I live in Chicago and I can say I’ve had my fair share of Giordano’s and Gino’s East Chicago style. However, I still have to say I prefer New York style.

  69. Anonymous says:

    First of all, Chicago is king of all junk food in general and the pizza is the pinnacle. Everyone i know who comes here 1st thing they want off the plane is lou malnatis deep dish pizza. eat at lou malnatis, giordanos, uno’s, or cpa..at least one of em’ will make you a convert for life..especially at lou’s it’s no nambi pambi little pieces of sausage on a sausage pizza…it’s a fuckin slab thrown on and covered in sauce on top of too much cheese for anyone not from here to handle. You don’t like it? make sure to pick yourself up some tampons after reading this..Got shit to talk about it? before you put the tampon in get the sand outta your vagina.

  70. jones says:

    its a myth that new york has the best pizza…bagels yes but pizza no…..people are confused because theres 3 shops on every street so its easy to find a good slice… but any tri state area persons with actual taste buds will tell you Jersey has the best slice….that being said who wants to eat a 3 inch thick mushy pile of shit when you can have a crispy foldable slice of REAL pizza heaven

  71. Anonymous says:

    Yeah i LIVE in chicago and still like normal pizza better. Chicago thick style is alright but it shouldnt be considered pizza.

  72. Lumpy da Moose says:

    Detroit. Buddy’s Pizza. ‘Nuff Said!

  73. Anonymous says:

    Umberto’s is fucking overrated. Their specialty stuff is better than the norm, but their regular slices suck balls compared to plenty of other places nearby.

  74. Carl Jung says:

    I kind of like Imo’s pizza as well, but understand others have differences of opinion because we all have our own individual tastes, particularly when it comes to pizza.

  75. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, it seems most women prefer new york style. Chicago style is more of a man’s meal.

  76. Gavster says:

    If you want a bigger meal just buy more of the better thin ‘zas dumbass there only like a dollar right

  77. amayagab says:

    Montreal pizza is like sticking your licker in a strippers ass, at the time it seems like an OK idea but as soon as you sober up in the morning you realise you will never taste the same way again.

  78. Anonymous says:


  79. Golden Crust says:

    I’ve been taken to the ‘best’ Chicago pizza joints by wise locals several times. I don’t care that it is thick vs. thin. It is bland. The cheese is bland, the sauce is bland. It usually just tastes like butter or grease and airy, bland dough. If I could get a Chicago pizza with the flavor of a NY pizza I’d probably enjoy it despite the physical dimensions. Otherwise I can only really enjoy it drunk.

  80. El Senor says:

    Well Newyorkers… once you hit puberty and stop getting all horny off of ehhh woman(pizza), then you can order the Chicago style pizza… Its like a 2yr old judging on the Mcdonalds Angus burger!!! Have a real women(tall and with many goodies in the mid). Wait… I bet you NYers haven’t even seen a VAGINA!!! Go masterbate in your restrooms with your mommy screaming for you to finish so she can go in. LOL Suck it BITCHES….CHI~CITY, we dont PITTY!!

  81. Dennis says:

    They are both pretty rubbishy compared to real pizza. But I guess out of these two the deep dish is better – it is a pie not a pizza though.

  82. Anonymous says:

    If you’re gonna post pics of deep dish chicago pizza, try using a pic that isn’t a STUFFED PIZZA. It’s a totally different thing.

    and the genius from st’louis who thinks Imo’s is good pizza. Take that abomination called ‘provel’ and shove it back into the nacho cheese aisle, and never EVER mention crap-on-a-cracker st. louis pizza again!

  83. Anonymous says:

    maybe according to fags from pennsylvania

  84. Little Dan says:

    They both suck….the best is NEPA pizza. That is North East Pennsylvania pizza…for fucks sake it is the Pizza capital of the World!

  85. Flying Knee 2 The Noggin says:


    You’re a moron. If you almost came to blows over how a pizza should be cut then you really need to check into the nearest tard hatch & get evaluated ASAP.

    Now I live in Chicago & if you want a Flying Knee 2 The Noggin then reply to my post & we can set something up you panzy. Someone needs to kick your teeth in & I’d be happy to be the one to rearrange your face you pip squeek.

  86. Fro says:


    Flying Knee 2 The Noggin? What’d you do, text that on your Sidekick? No emoticon to follow? Is Flying Knee a proper title or name of a friend? While you’re trying to figure that out, dig up your old math homework (probably in Chapter 1.43233333) and tell me how many 2″ squares you can evenly fit into a 12″ diameter circle. Go boy…go figure it out…go go go.

  87. Sickpigs says:

    I like NY pizza, but it pales in comparison to Chicago style.

    A lot of people are making the argument that Chicago style is bad for drinking because it fills you up.

    First off, you don’t have to eat the whole pizza. That being said, if one slice of Chicago style fills you up, your stomach was probably already full of jizz. Don’t blame the pizza.

    Second, why would you complain about having leftovers? After a night of drinking, there is no better hang-over food than a nice big slice of Chicago style peperoni pizza. When you reheat it in the oven, it gets a little crispy on the outside, and it becomes a giant block of greasy cheese. Anyone who doesn’t like warm, greasy cheese is a fucking communist.

    Also, if you’re basing your opinion of Chicago style pizza on some shitty chain near your suburban mall (BJ’s Pizza comes to mind), forget it. I’ve lived in various places, and almost nothing outside of the city comes close. Hell, even in Chicago you have to hit up the right pizza joints to get the good stuff. It’s hard to make. It’s an art, where as NY style is more easily replicated.

    But if you find the good stuff, it can’t be beat.


  88. BAH says:

    What the fuck are you, some bulimic fucking pussy? Man up, and learn how to follow a good, filling meal with drinking. Another reason why your argument sucks: Chicago pizza filling you up=less money to have to spend on pizza

  89. Colorado Mike says:

    The pictures above say all that needs to be said in regard to this issue. Take a look at the NY pizza. Looks good, right? That might be the first piece you ordered, or it might be the third, but either way, that’s not going to stand in the way of you finishing off a 12 pack of beer with your boys. Now look at the Chicago pie. Notice how there’s only one piece missing? That’s because you’re full, and the photo was probably taken while you’re in the bathroom trying to shit out the deep fried cheese brick you just ate. And if for some reason three pounds of cheese and a loaf of bread didn’t make you shit yourself, I’m sure you’ll have a lot of fun out at the bars later, wondering if every fart that sneaks out is going to bring some of his crappy friends to the pants party. NY style pizza in a landslide.

  90. EAO says:

    The NY slice is hand held and minimal…so you dont have to make reservations to eat whilst bar hopping…and you wont eat so much that you’ll need to pinch a loaf in a puke and piss covered toilet at the bar.

  91. Anonymous says:

    looks like someone’s load on the next piece of the bread bowl.

  92. Anonymous says:

    Fucking awesome…

  93. LOG says:

    What if you dont want to haul around a huge block of crisco and marinara just so you have left overs? I want to wash down a slice, not a loaf of bread, with my Old Style. And, the pound of cheese is just a weakening dam blocking the potential energy of explosive grease shits because you rapidly ate massive amounts of butter and large chunks of polish sausage. That means you’ll be in the shower washing shit off instead of being with your lady.

  94. Anonymous says:

    If no one will stand up for Chicago, I will. First things first, hey assholes, whining about pizza shits, the more cheese you eat the more stuffed you get. NY Pizza and diarrhea go hand in hand on many levels. Chicago pizza is just like eating three NY pizza’s stacked on top of each other and made ten times more delicious. And eating more is the pinnacle of manliness. If your vagina won’t allow you to drink any more Natty Ice and Bud Light after Chicago-style, maybe some estrogen injections on your shitty pizza will help out your appetite. Chicago style pwns.

    Oh, and the Yankees suck my balls.

  95. Anonymous says:

    lose two turns

  96. Anonymous says:

    lose a turn

  97. Dom says:

    They are both two different beasts. I think Chicago’s places that have thin crust are better than New York’s thin crust.

    Lou Malnati’s is the greatest pie on the planet.

  98. Anonymous says:

    Its easy to settle this argument really, Chicago pizza is GAY just like all the GAY deep dish dick eaters.

  99. Anonymous says:

    And ONLY fags from Pennsylvania.

  100. Stewmeat says:

    deep dish is bullshit, it’s not even pizza, it’s a fucking casserole. You want pizza go with NY style, Thin crust, Neopolitan, even greek, anything is better than that deep dish shit.

  101. Random Asshole says:

    New York pizza is the motherfucking bomb. Chicago is a distant second. Sorry, but them’s the breaks.

  102. TDizzle says:

    The Chicago deep dish has more vulva-esque properties and would be my final choice to fornicate and/or sodomize.

  103. god says:

    Both NY and Chi-town pizzas are delicious in different ways. Real New York pizza boasts incredible sauce and a crust you could frame above your oven. Before you know it, you’re on your ninth slice. Chicago pizza (only available in Chicago) heralds mountains of cheese and sausage made for beer consumption. You literally have to eat the pizza with a fork and knife.

    Since I was born in Chicago, I’m biased for the Windy City. Being american, though, means I can have my cake and eat it to. So, excuse me while I stuff my face…