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Eat Sushi Off Naked Girls?

Is eating off a naked woman as good as it sounds? Our friend at FoodMarathon.com says maybe not.

GUEST COLUMN: Foodmarathon.com, Editor Nacho K.

There’s a fine line between a brilliant idea and a pervy waste of money. Last year a sushi bar opened in Los Angeles where you could eat sushi off of naked women.

For most men, an immediate double sensory shock is administered to the brain; “I love sushi, I love naked women. This is fantastic.” Not more than five seconds later my inner germaphobe clobbered that initial sensation with a large red flag that read “dirty, whore, diarrhea.” That’s as much thought as I put into eating at said sushi bar.

It’s one of the rare times where I thought “they’ve just gone too far.” I don’t mean it in the sense that the women were being degraded (I’m sure they were handsomely compensated and well fed).

I mean, isn’t there a better marketing ploy than turning women into poorly leveled tables? It begs the question, with hot female caddies

and hot card dealers at a casino, why aren’t there hot female sushi chefs? Which leads to the bigger question of why are there aren’t more female sushi chefs in general?

The most common myth is that women’s hands are too warm too handle raw fish. Perhaps they’ll sear the tuna by squeezing too hard? It’s 2008 and although there’s still a lot of stupid people in the world, I’m gonna go with this being an idiotic wive’s tale (especially if you’ve ever heard women complain about constantly being cold). There’s no fair explanation beyond that it’s a man’s world and life’s unfair and blah blah blah.
As a man who loves sushi as much as I love women, I vote for gender equality behind the sushi bar. And I vote for it in the form of Adriana Lima.

16 Responses to "Eat Sushi Off Naked Girls?"

  1. Anonymous says:

    have sex with me

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sorry to sound like a racist prick, but this sort of shit is only for dumbass white people. And of course, this restaurant opens in the mecca for dumbass, pretentious white people: LA. The only human contact I want on my food other than from the food preparation staff is my own.

  3. lysa marie says:

    i did this to my boyfiend too and he brings his friends was eating the food in my private and it feel so good .

  4. jenny says:

    That’s the life for rich. I’ve ever saw such kind of pic on “millionaireLover.Com” It’s a site dedicated to wealthy/celebs and admirers!

  5. Steve says:

    The HOLE point is…wait for it……Does her pussy stink, or, NOT!!!!!!!!!

  6. G-Step says:

    i want devon aoki cooking Benihana in nothing but an apron

  7. greg says:

    am I the only guy in the world who thinks Adriana Lima looks like she’s missing a chromosome? c’mon look at that face! I’ve seen it a million times in special ed! if she’s not just completely one chromosome short than there has to be one that is sharply creased or slightly torn.

  8. Jay says:

    Greg likes to make jokes without knowing what he’s talking about. Downsies have an extra chromosome.

  9. bob says:

    I’d pee on that chromosome

  10. Hooligan says:

    Excuse me but I believe the correct term is ree-ree’s.

  11. Jeff says:

    I’ll have the Retardo Roll and the Downsie Sashimi.

  12. I’d drink a tub of her dirty bath water

  13. Greg says:

    Jay, you are correct.

    but, I still stand by my statement, correct or not.

  14. Greg says:

    oh, and just to be a post whore, Turner syndrome is when a woman is missing 1 X chromosome. and if you look at this link some of the symptoms listed, I think, describe Ms. Lima quite remarkably. “Droopy eyes” “webbed neck” “Flat feet” it’s all there in black and white.


  15. L says:

    Eating sushi off of a naked woman is one of those things that should stay in the realm of fantasy. It loses its charm once you attempt to bring it into the real world.

  16. the shizzle says:

    Thats funny cuz all i see around LA are a bunch of homeless niggers imagine hat shit faggots!!