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Ed Hochuli E-mailed Back One Of Our Angry Readers

So, I’m from San Diego and have an unhealthy love for the San Diego Chargers. For instance, two years ago when they lost to New England in the first round of the playoffs I collapsed to the floor like someone had shot me.  Then I turned my phone off and took a three and a half hour walk, during which I was almost hit by about 11 cars because I wasn’t paying attention due to my deep depression.  I’m pathetic, I know. Anyway, you may have heard they lost this weekend because of a horrendous call by official Ed Hochuli. Normally I would never post about the Chargers because I know no one cares but this is a pretty big sports story. So, reader Walker M, from San Diego apparently likes the Chargers as much as I do, and found Ed Hochuli’s e-mail address and e-mailed him. Here are the two e-mails. This is completely real, I promise you.

As angry as I was at this call, he seems like a pretty nice dude. People make mistakes I guess. For instance, Norv Turner’s father made a mistake when he shot a load of semen into Norv Turner’s mother.

8 Responses to "Ed Hochuli E-mailed Back One Of Our Angry Readers"

  1. Razor says:

    I’d forgive Big Ed unless I had coin on that game.

  2. Jay T. says:

    Of all the angry e-mails Hochuli is getting, I bet very few of them are actually threatening. That guy is ripped and could probably kick the shit out of most NFL fans, so it wouldn’t be smart to go there. Have to give him credit for taking it like a man, though.

  3. Manbearpig says:

    Now wouldn’t that completley suck if the Chargers miss going to the play offs by 1 GAME!!!!!??????

  4. Hoologan says:

    Dude, I feel you. I’m a die hard Bolts fan and you can’t believe the type of shit I’m getting from people. Even the motherfucking raider fans are giving me shit!

  5. iblanco says:

    i know what you mean, i keep hearing it from a raider fan co worker about how theyre ahead of us… but no biggies we’ve come back from worst and we algo got some key players on injury, love the taco BTW

  6. Robert says:

    Clint Hart, plays for the San Diego Chargers, he lives in my town and has a barber shop downtown. My wife even worked with him a little bit at her bank. Very nice guy, I like all of the players on the Chargers team. None of them have a bad attitude like some of the other players in the NFL.

  7. Anonymous says:

    im from san diego too, and im almost positive this had something to do with all the money involved in the best against SD

  8. Dave says:

    Ed is acool guy, I’ve met him. He lives in Mission Beach, which is pretty much San Diego. I’m sure he heard all about it seeing that he lives in SD and runs in to fans in his day-to-day life. NOt sure that you can attribute this to gambling anon, he doesn’t exactly have a track record for F-ing up.

    side note: Ed Hochuli will rip off your arms and beat you to death with them. or at least he couldif he wanted to.