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Ed McMahon Loses House? You Are Correct Sir!


First Screech loses his house, then makes a porno.  Now Ed McMahon loses his house…dear God, please don’t let this end up like Screech.  Usmagazine.com reports:

Former Johnny Carson sidekick Ed McMahon spoke out on CNN’s Larry King Live about the possible foreclosure of his multimillion-dollar Beverly Hills mansion.

“If you spend more money than you make, you know what happens,” he said. “You know, a couple of divorces thrown in, a few things like that. And, you know, things happen.”

I like how he said “a couple of divorces thrown in, a few things like that.”   Oh, right, a few things where something happens that causes you to lose half your money, which at one time was more than 200 million dollars.  I like how he just glossed over what those things were.  “Yeah, you know, divorce, paid an assassin to kill JFK, funded an experiment to shrink myself so I could be injected into a human’s bloodstream like that Innerspace movie, blah blah, you know, standard shit.”

See, right now he needs to get back into the late night talk show circuit.  Except he can’t carry a show of his own, so he’s still gonna have to be a side kick.  Except the only way his show will get ratings in today’s market is if there’s an incredibly dynamic  and controversial performer with him.  Something like this:


I would definitely watch this over Leno.

2 Responses to "Ed McMahon Loses House? You Are Correct Sir!"

  1. Dom says:

    Pyuong yang in the motha heezie.

  2. bill jones says:

    That is really stupid on his part. He made in one year what many people would not make in their lifetime, and he runs out of money? Dum Dum.