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Eliza Dushku: Dog Lover


22 Responses to "Eliza Dushku: Dog Lover"

  1. CYGNUS says:

    Lucky dog,

    At least its seeing more action than some,

    I have to admit on the celebrity scale the dog has beat me,

    I have yet to get my mouth that close to a celebs pussy and still have her smiling and mildly enjopying the experience,

    In this instance this dogs the man or should I say Dogg

  2. Anti Thread says:

    Seriously you zoomed in on the wrong part of the pic!

  3. FranTheBanana says:

    Hey, ib6ub9. Great comment!

  4. George T says:

    … not that he’s all up inside your head or anything …

  5. boop de doop says:

    That looks like a Bernese Mountain Dog.

  6. supercrunchy says:

    anyone notice how, in the pic on the right, she has a look of genuine pleasure on her face? or mabye its my subconscious secretly hoping that she does…

  7. " says:

    yeah for reallies =o

  8. philosopher says:

    you are seriously messed up in the head…

    -the original philosopher who is fighting for his right to freedom of speech without persecution

  9. dupre says:

    that dog must have hit that last nite.

  10. Philosopher = Dickhead!! says:

    Lmao! That was good!! Philosopher couldn’t score anything…well except for his hand…and his dads ass…

  11. weaselstomper says:

    …”how much for that doggy in your panties?; the one with his nose in your tail; how much for that doggy and his sniffer? I do hope that doggy’s for sale?!”

    …”I just taught my doggy what to sniff for; he’s smart and he’s learning real quick! I find that a well-placed doggy chew
    treat will help him to learn this new trick!”

  12. Yo says:

    Yeah. I fucked up with that NEEDS shit, but at least it ALMOST worked. Back to the drawing board.

  13. Anonymous says:

    That might have worked if you hadn’t capitalized NEEDS. Better than your usual crap, though.

  14. E says:

    Good attempt tho… how long did it take u to come up with it?

  15. Yo says:

    Look like Eliza NEEDS to DUCHE her KOO-chi

  16. Nasty Girl says:

    Would love to see her in a Live Nude Webcam show…

  17. fourteenlines says:

    Too bad she doesn’t perform in any.

  18. ib6ub9 says:

    Mmm…Summers Eve Dushku!!!

  19. dupre says:


  20. Full Skucker says:

    Doggie likes the kitty…. Philosopher coulnt even score the dog…

  21. paakashi says:

    lol very funny

  22. philosopher says:

    luckiest… dog… in the world