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Emma Frain Pictures

Where You’ve Seen Her: Emma Frain is an accessibly hot model from the UK.  Posing for magazines like Nuts, Zoo, and Playboy, she also has a degree in sports science — so basically she’s not entirely retarded, which makes her even hotter.  That, and she likes to play Wii naked.
Pointless Quote: "I could come up with a whole set of new ones and write a sex manual: Latex Lady’s Kama Sutra For Bendy Beginners."


7 Responses to "Emma Frain Pictures"

  1. DonkeyXote says:

    Looks like a tranny, I agree!

  2. Finnegan says:

    It isn’t a suprise that she likes to play Wii naked.
    She’s british, they like to do everything naked, especially when they’re as hot as her !

  3. Fister says:

    Dear Holytaco,
    I do not like the new advertising on your main page with the ad about some dudes new tv show. It makes your page come to a screeching halt on my computer. Is it just my machine or are other people experiencing this? On the plus side….I would break this chick’s back in the sack.


  4. Repost says:

    boooo. another repost

  5. Orson Welles says:

    Repost, but a worthy one.

  6. Ian's Lover says:

    Hello Sirs.

    Where can I find more pictures of post-op transexuals please?