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Emma Watson Pictures

Where You’ve Seen Her: If you didn’t already know, Emma Watson is over 18 now, so you don’t have to feel creepy about wanting to bone her.  Except maybe her new haircut will change your mind.  You wont find it here, because it’s ugly as hell, but the pictures below will remind you this short hair fad will pass.
Pointless Quote: "I would absolutely go nude…I’ve been told I look good naked."


31 Responses to "Emma Watson Pictures"

  1. seth says:

    all of you shut up shes a human bean

  2. seth says:

    but it would be cool to see her nude

  3. Granjero! says:

    Ahora si me hago una paja!!! si que esta rebuena la pendejita!!! Con razon dicen que harry anda más turbado que nunca… xD!

  4. petrafucker says:

    i banged petra clementson so hard in the ass in her house in boulder she screamed!

  5. linweiwei77 says:

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  6. dougie says:

    i would love to fuck her, strip her naked and explore her tight body while she pulls and sucks my cock like a hungry little slut. Then spread her legs open wide and slide my cock in and out of her dripping cunt til she cums, then i would love to cum in her mouth and watch her swallow

  7. Pope John Paul II says:

    If your body wasnt meant to be seen, then nature would have left us covered in hair.

  8. Captain Beefheart says:

    If I find you I swear to God I will kill you, motherfucker.

    I’m looking for you, I got your IP, it’s only a matter of time, I’m gonna take your life.

  9. joisabamf says:

    shut the fuck up. if your hot and got it, flaunt it. something def. a ugly cunt would say. she is beautiful, hasnt taken off her clothes yet. and an amazing actress for her age. so shut the fuck up and accept the beautiful outgoing women in our world and their personality. just because she would go nude doesnt make her a slut you stupid fuckin bitch. ugh. get a life. why are you on here anyway if your not admiriring a womens body?!!!!

  10. Billy-BobBilly-Bob says:

    why not immediately? Daniel Radcliffe did it allready. I mean Harry him self.

  11. Megan Fox says:

    She is ok… you guys should check out Alizee though…
    She is like a french girl who sings and does that night elf ass dance…


  12. Spermione Banger says:

    playboy anytime soon?

  13. cookiecool says:

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  14. anonomous says:

    id fuck the livin hell out of that slut

  15. pickled body parts says:

    wow she didnt sya yeah i;ll fuk any man who comes to my door! she said she would do nude that doesnt make her a slut if i had an awesome body i would fukin do it! if ya got it flaunt it!! yeah i totaly agree u must be rilly ugly or fat.

  16. woman love says:

    Sexy. Not a barbie-doll. Real sexiness happening here. Quit wanking over yankee porn dolls. Sexiness is……(yeah, real!)….

  17. woman love says:

    “bean”? you mean she’s edible? That would make sense.

  18. L1H99N1 says:

    If she is true to her word, as soon as the Harry Potter series is over I bet there is going to be a movie with her nude in it.

  19. Mr Finally says:

    The most awaited thing since the Olsen twins turned 18 and some random is pissing on it…

    Pissing on it… now there’s a though…

  20. Jessie says:

    Emma is very beautiful and a talented actress. I’d think no less of her if she went nude for whatever reason. (To an extent; I don’t mean just walking around half nude in public like so many celebrities do these days.) And what’s wrong with being nude? It’s natural. No need to be ignorant and think it’s disgusting.

  21. Erica says:

    I think this picture is pretty. I mean, everyone usually associates her with the kinda boring, genious nerd Hermione Granger but now she’s stepping out of that shadow since ‘Harry Potter’ is almost done, which I think is great. =)

  22. jacob says:

    do it in the next harry potter movie… i dont think to many ppl would mind… i would love to see her nude!!!

  23. SynysterSixx says:

    i 2nd that

  24. Andrew says:

    I third that.

  25. Benji says:

    It’s her choice, Noone else’s and our opinions mean jackshit, And shes hot, So She has my vote, But she will lose quite afew young female fans, =)

  26. super taco says:

    she looks like a 15 dollar whore in this pic…i would pay that 15 dollars

  27. no one u need to know says:

    fuck you asswipe,the last thing she looks like is whore,dickwad.Get a fucking life.

  28. Xaotikdesigns says:

    She was told she looks good naked? I think she needs a second opinion…

    Mine. Call me?

  29. BFWB says:

    She’s a seventeen year old girl, of COURSE she looks good naked.
    The real question is if she still looks as good when she’s twice as old.