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Emmy Rossum

Where You’ve Seen Her: Emmy Rossum is a singer who’s acted in several big and horrible movies that include Poseidon and Emmerich’s fantastic Day After Tomorrow.  Consquently 2012 is just too big for Emmy.
Pointless Quote: "If I can’t find a movie I’m interested in, I’ll just go back and study French and History in college.’"


9 Responses to "Emmy Rossum"

  1. The Padrino says:

    She is actually kindda cute in some movies she stars in

    The Godfather

  2. fumbduck says:

    Dude … she was SO not in the Godfather.

  3. pratik says:

    Ya… because studying French and history will really get you places.

  4. BMW111 says:

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  5. Gourry says:

    meh. Let me know when there are nudes.

  6. Gantz says:

    I’m with you on that – don’t think it’s Emmy in the main pic

  7. Ispy says:

    or if she is..

    then I’ve lost the ability to distinguish between beautiful women….


  8. Ispy says:

    ummm, the main pic isnt the same as the rest.
    The hottie aint Emily Rossum……

    so who she be ?

  9. BigEd says:

    I don’t care if it’s Emmy Rossum in the first picture or not; she’s hot whomever she is!