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Epic Beard Man’s Doodles

Over the past few days, Epic Beard Man has become an internet celebrity and a self-perpetuating meme. By now, there are Epic Beard Man comics, video remixes, t-shirts, and even facebook fan clubs. You’ve probably already seen the Epic Beard Man video, and KnowYourMeme has posted an extensive write-up that contains practically every additional piece of related data…except for one. We were lucky enough to get our hands on one item that was left on the bus: Epic Beard Man’s Doodle Page.

53 Responses to "Epic Beard Man’s Doodles"

  1. Nunivut says:

    There are a couple video follow ups on this now. One of them is an interview with EBM. The way he tells it (which matches up with how the filmer tells it in an interview with cbs 5) he (EBM) is talking to his friend about getting a pair of shoes shined for his mother’s funeral on Wednesday. EBM says something to the effect “I will have my boy shine them” to one of his friends next to him. The black guy walks buy at this point and says “why a black boy(man?) have to spit shine your shoes?” EBM mishears this as the black man offering to shine his shoes, so he asks for a price. Then the video starts.

    I think the real crime here is that the woman filming didn’t get charged, to my knowledge, for attempting to steal EBM’s bag, assault, or trying to incite a riot.

  2. Fear the Beard says:

    EBM took all of 10 seconds to kick homies mother fucking ass to the floor. TEN SECONDS an he was DOWN and bleeding. And he is 67 fucking years old.
    If some of you fags cant at least appreciate that then what the fuck?
    Go play with a Barbie doll or something.
    EBM will beat you with his fists of rage in your dreams while you sleep.

  3. Bearded Clam says:

    Minority? Shoot,why not! Perhaps the jerk Dickwad is strangling is one of a very few individuals with one eye hanging out of his head.

  4. Jay says:

    I guess more and more EBM sites are popping up.

    Check out http://www.epicbeardmanfacts.com

    Pretty much like Chuck Norris facts, but more even radder. Long live Epic Beard Man!!!

  5. T1 says:

    One mistake – instead of ‘minority’ ( awwww )

    It should read ‘loadmouth punk who got what was coming to him’

  6. EBM ftw says:

    Absolutely correct.

  7. Kick more loud mouth ass! says:

    plus… the loud mouth and chums.. who wanted the fight the happen.. stole “whitey or pinky’s” bag….

  8. Here here says:

    Amen, Hail the Wrath!! Further, EBM is not perfectly behaved, but what most of us love about him is he stood up to Beetle Juice, used some discretion by moving away, and when BJ came to give him some, he got pwned. This is immensely gratifying to our sense of justice.

  9. Epic Beard Man says:

    I am a mother fucker!

  10. Cult of The Beard says:

    This guy did nothing wrong. He even moved away. Dude got what was coming to him. Problem was the mouthy Bitches got that dudes butt stomped. They egged him on and made he dude think he had to get “respect”. Should of got them too and took away the noise pollution.

  11. Cult of The Beard says:

    I see no humor here in this doodle? It was everything this video did not showed happened. I have seen a fridge note for the other guy.
    It said this:

    Make sure to get “respect” by picking fights with older guys.
    Always ride bus with mouthy bitches by side.
    Keep Bambulance on speed dial

  12. EBM for president! says:

    Epic Beard Man Freestyling—>


  13. Dwight K. Schrute says:

    Epic Beard Man is my awesome, Also, DAMN HOMEY, YOU JUST GOT YOUR ASS KICKED BY A 67 YEAR OLD Granpa! If I were him I would go into hiding for a couple of months after that shit.

  14. Hail the Wrath of EBM says:

    Bottom line: whoever/whatever started the whole mess-none of US know. Nor does it matter. EBM attempted to dis-engage and move away. But the typical,chip-on-the-shoulder,wannabe gangsta punk had to keep it going.
    He followed the man to the front of the bus,and THEN went back Again. Then took a swing at the guy-and got his clocked cleaned for it.

    Wannabe (if actually 50yrs old,and carrying on like a 16yr old punk kid,wearing DREADS?!?!?!?and talking crap-need we say any more?) Got exactly what his fragile,uppity ego-egged on by other morons (who you will recall,we’re the ones chanting all the racial comments on the vid) deserved-and even better-ETERNAL INTERNET FAIL.
    To become so wide-spread a laughing stock of the world? Even better justice than had EBM outright killed the guy.
    As for the Ho who filmed and posted the fight-(AND stole the guy’s bag,which she,and everyone on that bus-knows was not hers) tried to turn this into another Rodney King (black man victimized despite his own dumb-ass actions) vid.Well, it backfired on you,Ho. Now you both are complete laughing stocks.

    This should happen in every major city every day of the week in this land until all this uppity,obnoxious wannabes get it into their heads-
    To Get On, Sit Down and STFU.

  15. Anonymous_pip says:

    I detest niggers
    That guy beat the livin shit outta that nigger and I wholeheartedly support the epic beard man. After all niggers are nothing short of dinky pesky grubby revolting critters that are pestering us

  16. truth says:

    blacks are the majority in oakland where the video took place. epic beard man is the minority.

  17. Anonymous1 says:

    get epic like the epic beard man and wear the same shirt!


  18. ANoN IMUS says:

    I hereby declare the “black guy” “EPIC FAIL BEETLE JUICE”. (EFBJ)

    His juice is Beetle. His fail is epic.

    More memes and pass the peas you fucking pirates!!!

  19. douglas says:


  20. JohnnyFrigginVictory says:

    I’m white. I’m 38 and I live in the Bay Area and I’m not one of those stereotypical bleeding heart tree hugging liberals either.

    All I can say is the EBM is a racist prick…and I say that as a white man. The original video starts off with EBM asking a black man how much he’d charge to shine his shoes and apparently the black dude never said anything to the affect of “can I shine your shoes”.

    What the hell is up with that? That’s racist, that’s antagonistic and completely out of line. While the black dude did get his ass handed to him, EBM is the one that REALLY deserved is racist pig ass kicked. He’s just lucky the black dude wasn’t a tough sum bitch.

    It doesn’t matter if your white, black green or purple, if you don’t have enough respect to treat another human being with the same level of respect you damn well want yourself then in my book, you’re an asshole and I think I’d like to see EBM get a serious ass whippin…that crotchety old coot, racist prick.

  21. Tom says:

    Watch the start of the video again

    The way it sounded to me was as follows:

    The video starts at some point after initial contact between the two men

    Garbled speech from Black man

    White man : “How much do you charge for a spit shine, I’m going to a wedding Friday”

    Black man: Takes off glasses and looks confused

    WM: “Isn’t that what you said?”

    Bm : “Did you hear what I said?”

    WM : “Yes”

    BM : “Why a brotha gotta shine your shoes?”

    WM : “What did you say when you walked by?”


    BM: “Why a brotha gotta spit shine your shoes?”

    I’m not entirely sure what he meant by this, but I can gather that the white man heard only the last part: “Spit shine your shoes?”

    It was at this point from which we can watch the rest of the conversation unfold, with the white man thinking he had just been offered a shoe shine, to which he inquired the cost.

  22. KDS says:

    Noone knows what was said before the video started rolling, so people need to stop acting like they know. EBM could have been the instigator. Maybe he wasn’t and cornrows was. Truth is, unless you were there, YOU DON’T KNOW. All I know is that it’s all just words until someone throws a punch. Ol’ geezer walked away but cornrows just couldn’t leave well enough alone. He got what was coming too him after throwing the first punch.

  23. Kick more loud mouth ass! says:

    Respect EBM, loud mouth got a well time delivery, the other guy was a proper pussy, plus EBM didn’t do wrong, moved away… and still loud mouth gave him crap…

  24. EBM says:

    The old man is well known around the bay area as a nut. He probably started the argument and it likely had nothing to do with the other guy’s race. He’s notorious for provoking people of all shapes and sizes.

  25. i see through you says:

    obvious troll is obvious

  26. Bearded Clame says:

    I just saw the epic bearded guy video. Now my best guess is Epic Bearded Guy race-baited Minority Eyeball guy just before the fight broke out between ‘em.

  27. Bilbo says:


    There are some more good ones at:


  28. fatjoe says:

    you must be trippin he is a hero. stood up for his rights the black guy had a KNIFE on him. F*** that. And F*** the black girl filming the whole thing and egging the black guy on to fight

  29. Anonymously ill says:

    They were both intoxicated so… they both fucked up. They both deserve to be shot. Also that nigger got his “ass whooped” haha!

  30. Grunty says:

    His wife is a pig = http://bit.ly/a8xcDt

  31. acdz says:

    That’s sad when a retarded man is a hero to the white race. It might be time to rethink your heroes

  32. Frankly True says:

    Uh the Beard Man admits that he had a knife on him too

  33. zdca says:

    Mike Vick, anyone?

  34. mike hunt says:

    second. also EBM is a hero to the white race.

  35. DINGUS says:

    Why do people think this guy is racist? He made no mention of race until the other guy did, and he only asked for a spit-shine because the other guy mentioned it and he heard wrong. Not to mention he threw the second punch, not the first.

  36. office jerk says:

    if there’s any sort of altercation where anyone utters racial epithets, the white person (if involved) will be the racist oppressor and the minority will automatically be the victim. no matter who said what or why. Even if EBM had said nothing, he would have been racist — because the others were saying “whoop the whitey’s ass” and so on. If someone is racist around a white person, that white person is the cause of it, and the real racist.

    The punching stuff falls into this category as well. All white boxers who fight black opponents are racist.

  37. Beard Man Rules!! says:

    Yep, the SECOND punch. And the third and the fourth and the rest too haha!

  38. White man ashamed of white racism says:

    Funny how some people still find a way to rationalize racist provocations and gratuitous violence. I wonder if themselves really manage to believe such ridiculous rationalizations.

  39. about time says:

    Finally someone is taking the right side to this.

  40. Lanie says:

    Maybe because he is ringing the neck of “a minority”?

  41. Bing WIllis says:

    Epic Beard Man for President dammit!


  42. Anonymussy says:

    You’ve got it, don’t hold back for anything, I wanna feel you rip my ass up.

  43. DonkeyXote says:

    Hey, bitch, wait your fucking turn, I was wating for his dick his dick way before you were here. Oh, and don’t mind the crabs, they’re harmless.

  44. pressive says:

    right in my bung hole you are! And it is great. Now turn around, it’s my turn.

  45. DonkeyXote says:

    I’m not talking about EBM either, I’m talking about the way my ass fells when my tranny mom penetrates my gaping ass!

  46. Phil McCracken says:

    I find it hard to know where to begin. But I will say,

    Fail-fail faility failishous failitude, you fail-o-rama.

  47. DonkeyXote says:


  48. Bastard says:

    U suck

  49. mike hock says:

    first bitches

  50. Ben Affleck says:

    Is that Guilius Thunderhead from Golden Axe?

  51. LulzVIking says:


    What a dumb ass. He might be old, but he beat the shit out of you! lol

  52. pratik says:

    Ya… might not wanna mess with anyone who wears a baby blue “I AM A MOTHERFUCKER” t-shirt in broad daylight.

    That’s the lesson I got from this.