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Erika Nicole Pictures

Where You’ve Seen Her: Erika Nicole is a fairly underappreciated model from Pennsylvania who deserves a lot more exposure.  She likes baseball, and enjoys carrying baseball bats while being topless, which is pretty checks off yet another fantasy every American male has had at some point or another.
Pointless Quote: "Go Phillies!"



7 Responses to "Erika Nicole Pictures"

  1. Per johan says:

    oh man i pound that bitch in da face wit ma big dickie yo, aint noone else to do that than me hahahaahahaahaahaaaha!

    per johan (the “dawg”)=

  2. Anonymous11 says:

    do you actually fancy yourself funny? because you just sound absurd talking like a complete moron.

  3. Señor Reacharound says:

    holy taco posters used to be way funnier.

    what’s happened?

  4. EL POOKADOR says:

    She is hot. i will now search for her in PA and when i find her i will run to the bathroom and beat my meat until it hurts. Hope she lives near Philly.

  5. pratik says:

    “…who deserves a lot more exposure.”


  6. Thanks for keeping the straight readers entertained.

  7. jelly roll says:

    FUCK…now I hate the Phillies even more!