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Escape Your Wireless Life In West Virginia

We’re inundated with electronic communications on a second to second basis in today’s world. Doesn’t it make you feel a little bit crazy sometimes? There’s almost nowhere on earth (except for really awful third world countries) where one can go to escape it all. There has to be a place where we can escape the the constant buzz of invisible electromagnetic waves and radiation that is slowly but surely turning our brains to complete mush. Great news, everyone. There is a place like that, and it’s not in a secluded, barron, desert or a third world country. It’s in the beautiful state of West Virginia, in a town called Green Bank.

Green Bank is part of a radio-free zone and many people who claim to be allergic to invisible electronic signals flock there for what they consider a better life. The current population of Green Bank is a comfortably low 143. Probably one-hundred and forty-three of the most bat-shit insane people you’ve ever met in your life, but hey, at least they won’t try and call you to talk about their conspiracy theories and abduction stories. If they want to attempt to waste your time with that kind of crap, they’ll have to yell it across the holler.

Maybe we’re being a little judgmental, maybe these people aren’t crazy. After all, a reported 5% of Americans suffers from EHS, or Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity. One woman interviewed by the BBC claims that she felt like a digital leper, and that she had to spend her days in a shielded cage to protect her from the dirty, painful signals that everyone’s devices were putting out. She holed herself up in a Faraday cage, which is a cage that intercepts and diffuses electrical signals, protecting whatever, or whomever is inside.

So are people really allergic to the signals being put out by electronic devices? Or are they just old and weird, and afraid to admit they don’t know how email works? Who knows, but until then, let’s all make sure we’re following @HolyTaco on twitter.

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