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ESPN’s Chris Berman Swears When He’s Angry

Chris Berman Loses His Cool – Watch more free videos

I enjoyed this video of an irate Chris Berman so much that I transcribed it. Somehow it makes it funnier to read along. According to ESPN’s Chris Berman:

“When I’m doin’ TV and I got 18…godammit! Can’t everybody stop for 10 minutes? I mean everybody seems that that’s the only…everybody can we st…Jesus Christ! I mean it’s not that much to ask. Is that when everybody has to move when I’m trying to concentrate? Jesus! I mean that’s so rude I can’t believe that that, that’s so goddamn rude! Why does everyone all of a sudden have to move? You got two f***in’ hours to move around. Wait ten minutes. Jesus! I’m sorry to explode like that but that…it’s like no one’s worked on TV here before? Jesus! Sunk in under the…What the f*** do they think they’re doin’? I really…I actually can’t believe what I just saw. It’s like no one here has worked on TV before. I hear a dial tone. There was seven people, I mean Jesus! We need to use this studio for 15 f***in’ minutes, just everybody ya know.”

One Response to "ESPN’s Chris Berman Swears When He’s Angry"

  1. kotton says:

    I think I would’ve had to tell him off. It would have been worth being fired. He’s basically saying, “Hey, I screwed up so I’m gonna blame everyone else.” What a douchebag.