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Evangeline Lilly

Where You’ve Seen Her: Evangeline Lilly has been posing everywhere lately, I’m assuming because the show she’s most known for, Lost, is soon to enter it’s last season.  When that ends, we’re hoping she moves on to something else that doesn’t encompass polar bears, time travel, and counter-formulaic plotlines.
Pointless Quote: "I’m very picky when it comes to men."


7 Responses to "Evangeline Lilly"

  1. s3xt0y says:


  2. too much free time says:

    not attractive

  3. Hugh Jorgan says:

    could you show less skin? This girl is such a prude and such a terrible actor

  4. Phoebe Cates says:

    thats how i got famous

  5. R lee Eremy says:

    kinda hot but shitty at acting. muct be megan fox’s big sister.

  6. i smell like ass says:

    dang, i really like those pics…..

  7. thanx says:

    hohohoh myy sexyy girl