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Even Santa Has To Find Extra Work These Days

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14 Responses to "Even Santa Has To Find Extra Work These Days"

  1. darkman71 says:

    Santa Claus is black.WTF

  2. anymouse says:

    this santa is black!!!!!

  3. vested agatha says:

    hey, just the thing to post in fucking SEPTEMBER. plus that caption was like philosopher-level stupid.

  4. A. Nell Fisher says:

    Yeah, except this is actually fucking OCTOBER, you dumbshit assfuck douche drizzle.

  5. AMD says:

    He’s still using last year’s calendar. So for him…it is September.

  6. Dspayre says:

    Well, when should this shit be posted?

  7. LoserNoobFail. says:

    When you stop being a dick, never.

  8. chinook beame says:

    CHRISTMAS, you dumbfuck. Or never.

  9. John McClane says:

    Now i have a machine gun…

  10. Jimbo Coles says:

    Holy Sh*t It’s SANBO!

  11. Pro Ear Cleaner says:

    lmao that was funny.

  12. jewish guy says:

    lol, you people still care about santa like children

  13. office jerk says:

    the taliban is getting some fucking lead in their stockings.

  14. nemesis says:

    I wonder if the elves are making the ammunition.