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Evil Mr. Rogers Isn’t As Creepy As Real Mr. Rogers

Mr Rogers is Really Creepy – Watch more free videos

Even as a young child I was a little bit scared of Mr. Rogers. I don’t know what it was, but something about an elderly man that lived alone, played with make-believe puppets and hung out with an extremely nervous mail man. And the only other people I’ve seen who speak in his slow, calm and plodding way was Jeffrey Dahmer.

Check out this real and untouched video of Mr. Rogers breakdancing and tell me which one you think is creepier. Leave your votes in the comments section. Whoever leaves the best argument (for either side) will win something off my desk.

Mr Rogers Breakdancing – Watch more free videos

[evil link via uniquedaily.com]

27 Responses to "Evil Mr. Rogers Isn’t As Creepy As Real Mr. Rogers"

  1. dan says:

    The clown one is worse because at least in the breakdancing one, the little kid gets to go home after the neverland ranch style lovin’. Something about the clown one tells me that there is going to be a lot of crying involved…much like regular sex!

  2. The breakdancing video would’ve been creepier if you left in the part where he and the kid start making out.

    Actually what’s creepy is that kid was seriously flirting with poor Mr Rogers. He kept posing with his crotch aimed right at him! Mr Rogers looked like he wanted to dive right off those steps.

  3. Dr. says:

    I kept thinking about the old creepy dude from Family Guy while watching the break dancing one.

  4. SkiBum says:

    Ya know, I was about to jump on with the pedophile jokes, but after reading through the link JW posted I’m gonna go out there and say Mr. Rogers is the fucking man.

  5. Henry G says:

    Breakdancing video is much more creepier, think about for a second, his tie never comes out of his sweatshirt when he breakdances….. now that is fucking creepy

  6. check me out, i'm a robot says:

    somebody remix that breakdancing video, please.

  7. Jan says:

    The clown one is creepier, but the breakdance one is scarier, as it reminds us all how volunerable we all are to strokes (not the good kind).

  8. Katy says:

    I’m pretty sure he stole that sweater jacket from Suze Orman.

  9. Jackie says:

    The breakdance one is for sure scarier. Listen to it without watching the video. You can say ‘that’s what she said’ after almost every sentence Mr. Rogers says. I think this post just ruined my childhood.

  10. Brian says:

    Break dancing by far. I made the mistake of letting it play as it was minimized, and my co-workers thought i was surfing “inappropriate websites”. Just listen to it and don’t watch the video…from the euphemisms and innuendo, to the bad soundtrack/break dancing music. I haven’t experienced anything this eerie since I did ‘shrooms and queued up the “Dark Side of the Rainbow”

  11. Graham says:

    That’s a tough call. The clown video is terrifying because of the deadpan expression – it looks like my great aunt Betsy after one too many egg nogs at Christmas. Of course the breakdancing video does have what appears to be an already bad hip hop song remixed by Laurence Welk in addition to Mr Rogers’ epileptic moves. I keep waiting for him to tell Jermaine to “get jiggy with it” in that sedate midwest drawl of his. So I guess in my opinion the winner is video #2.

  12. General Chicken say say says:

    i like how mr rogers lets the kid dance, then kicks him off of his lawn when he realizes that he is black.

  13. Seth says:

    The unaltered video was creepier because it was child molester status, the clown video was just dumb.

  14. Jessica says:

    Okay, okay, please no picking on Mr. Rogers. He really is one of the greatest men that ever lived. Most of you wouldn’t say “please” and “thank you” without his influence.

    The pedophile comments are really sad. Is society so fucked up that a man can’t actually love children without people assuming something bad?

  15. John says:

    Clowns creep me out almost as much as Mr. Rogers.

  16. Tom says:

    Dear Holy Taco,
    Your video player is the shittiest video player in existence. In order to watch one of your pointless videos that barely pass for amusing, i have to click on the time bar every 3 to 4 seconds in order to skip a second of the video so it will resume playing, only to have to repeat the process again. I am using the latest stable updates of standard software for internet browsing and Flash playing software, as well as operating system. I have come to the conclusion that you and your site are worthless pieces of dog feces.

  17. Nick says:

    To Tom.
    Your computer is a piece of shit. Go get a job…..a real job…..and buy a new computer.


    P.S. Also, the downloading of mass amounts of porn really affect the performance. Please start a new social life so that you may be able to avoid the porn.

  18. Salty Sully says:

    The breakdancing one would’ve been creepier if he was wearing a clown mask… with a piece of nappy hair in his teeth…

  19. mayhem420 says:

    The clown was way worse….
    With the little kid he looked like he wanted to f-him.
    As the clown he kinda reminded me of another serial killer…..
    John Wayne Gacey…..

  20. T.J. says:

    That explains what happened to Micheal Jackson.

  21. SillyPutty says:

    Hey, leave Mr. Rogers alone for christ sake.

  22. Nick says:

    The breakdancing one is creepier because at the exact moment he asks the kid what he likes to do, Mr Rogers pushes his pelvic bone out just a little. Kind of looks like he’s implying something to the kid.

  23. Mike says:

    When he’s learning how to moonwalk, Real Mr. Rodgers says “I think it’s hard.” But seriously, he knows that shit.

  24. Stephen67 says:

    Nick’s right on the money with that one.

    I got some popsicles down in the cellar…

  25. Buddy Ice says:

    Break dancing Mr.Rogers wins the creepy award. When he’s doing the wave he’s got that wacky ass smile on his face and he makes twinkle bell sounds come out of his fingers.
    The first video just reminded me of that time I ate a bunch of acid and went to McDonald’s; that was a good time actually.

  26. JW says:

    Things you didn’t know about Mr Rogers.


  27. Ryan says:

    The 2nd one is creepier, I was just waiting for Mr. Rogers to ask “Jermaine, do you like movies about gladiators?”