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This Is Exactly What It’s Like To Run From The Cops On a Motorcycle

Ghost Rider is a guy in Stockholm who runs from the cops on a badass motorcycle and films it.  He dresses in all black, and nobody knows his true identity. In this video, Ghost Rider ditches the cops on a busy freeway, then hides behind a bus until the cops fly by him, and then starts chasing the cops. It’s ridiculous and awesome.

11 Responses to "This Is Exactly What It’s Like To Run From The Cops On a Motorcycle"

  1. seeklove says:

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  2. Gourry says:

    All bikers drive like idiots. It’s required by their license.

  3. Drunken Pig says:

    Fuck this site sucks…that somone actually gets paid for this shit is the ONLY hilarious thing!!

  4. Donkey? OK! says:

    i’ll kiss a man.

  5. Blah says:

    Your comment made me lol.

  6. Ben says:

    im wet

  7. Douchebag says:

    too bad the copper didn’t slam on the brakes once the dude was behind him.

    so what’s donut in swedish???

  8. Johnny Rocketts says:

    Dude, Ghost Rider is Da Bomb! I love that dude, or dudette! LOL


  9. KodyG says:

    this is why he’s dead

  10. fap fap fap says:


  11. DontWannaSay says:

    Okay, just gonna make some things up clear here. This is Getaway Rider, from the Getaway in stockholm production. Ghostrider is a different bike rider. Both are from stockholm tho.

    Second is, ghostrider is NOT dead.

    So crew of holytaco, it’d be good if you changed it to Getaway Rider just to be corrected.